PvP Combat Changes - Evasion + Splintering



  • BenelliBenelli Posts: 27
    edited January 2020
    i think the all around evasion nerf is good. Still will have bushido dexxers running around on foot dismounting while 7 guys dump and he evades 300 damage if it isn’t an all around nerf. The nerf still seems to be very viable and useful, yet not insanely overpowered.
  • Also add parry to the list that breaks 4/6.  In my opinion 4/6 casting shouldn't exist in pvp anymore.  Leave it alone for pvm cause it doesn't matter.
  • PaithanPaithan Posts: 120
    Silence from the devs for 2 months... sweet game..
  • @Bleak @Kyronix helllo??????? 
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,016Moderator
    Quotes from Newsletter #45:

    Publish 108 will mark the first publish of this year!  We have been working on some great content for 108 that includes IDOC changes, new Veteran Rewards, Ultima Store Items, and PvP Balancing Changes.
    As mentioned we have been working on some PvP Balancing Changes that are already in testing.  If you haven't had a chance to check them out, head over to the UO Forums and join the conversation!

    Please bear in mind the devs mostly 'lurk', reading often, but only posting when they have something important to say.

  • CetricCetric Posts: 152
    Didn't seem like the changes last edited should be the final version before it went dark.

    Also, shouldn't important info like that in the newsletter be posted places like this forum, or idk, the uo.com website?
  • TailTail Posts: 70
    Shatters are fine, as they won't be much different.

    The Remove Curse is fine but if you are going to do this . . .at least make Strangle do some damage or do anything again. With Hpr suits of 18 Strangle doesn't even hurt you now. And this is supposed to be the Spell Plague of Necro in the sense of being its bread and butter spell.

    Evasion change is good as is the splintering change.
  • The spellweaving mastery mana shield also needs a cooldown in pvp, Id say 30 mins since it lasts 10 mins when casted.
  • ezikelezikel Posts: 90
    all the new combats updates are good . except the shatter pot fix .its change nothing its only slow down a little bit the troll. shatter need a ways more longer time between the time you can use it or just listen the majority of pvper and delete them.
     i agree with tail for the strangle its need buff
    and please do a little fix on pets they are useless now in pvp.
  • LynkLynk Posts: 186
    Was really hoping wed see something that freezes the user when waiting for cursor after using tele rings.  
  • LynkLynk Posts: 186
    @Kyronix - please put a paralyzing effect on teleport rings.  it's just stupid.  You have people that literally bought up thousands of charges and use them to chase people, run away every time they are dismounted.  Literally just saw one of the worst archers to ever hit UO use 30 charges in one fight.  
  • The_Higgs_1The_Higgs_1 Posts: 420
    tele jewels shouldn't even be in game, anything that takes skill away is a broken mechanic in the game, such as mass potions as well.   Just curious was the person Lynk is referring to himself, LOL.  All those bad guilds use em along with relative tile cheats.   P.S. Increase splinter immunity to at least 30 secs and add a 20 mana min cost to use it.
  • CodyCody Posts: 30
    Evasion seems untouched still broken. People shattering lesss. Less chain splinters so that’s good. How about some actual tweaking of evasion please
  • LynkLynk Posts: 186
    edited April 2020
    False higgs, i ran out of tele charges about 7 months ago.  Im casting teleport.

    Splinter seems just about right.  Possible to live through but still very effective.

    Evade does seem a little strong.  Definitely was a change, because we are now getting kills through evade where previously they would have walked away at 50%.  Have also seen some people take 4 person syncs and not take any damage. Seems really streaky.
  • CodyCody Posts: 30
  • CodyCody Posts: 30
    @Kyronix @Bleak pvpers been waiting months for changes. No pvp adjustments/changes/editions seen in publish 109. We were told there would be updates to VVV at 20 Anny party where are they at?
    all this work for new items and changes how about just tweaking some stuff already in the game to make the experience better for people playing it 
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