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  • With some things like old school deco, you can put all your pieces in your trash barrel (make sure it's where you want it) then axe the trash barrel all the stuff will fall to the floor in a pile. Lock down use deco tool to move.
  • Yes Mesanna saved the house to preserve it's history. It was originally Silverwood's I believe but they've been long gone. 
  • I have done the vendor thing from 60 self run vendors down to just a couple, it's a lot of effort to maintain stock. The one thing I'd like to point out is WHEN a shard gets to the point where NO ONE wants to stock basics or can make a profit, and a…
  • Thank you to all who attended it was an amazing turn out to say farewell to a friend. We were blessed to have his sister sign into the game for the very first time ever to come meet us and see the memorial in game. So many spoke of all the great tim…
  • This was a good time on Test Center trying out all the hair styles on all the different character types, seeing the difference between CC and EC and what different colors do to them. There was lots of laughter, some snark and a chance to decide IF a…
  • Oh, I've gotten a message to add in here, wearable pixie,butterfly, succubus and bird wings. Then to add the following animals Griffins, Pegasus, ride able and pack version camels. 
  • These are Horn of Plenty Ideas Apple/Berry press for making cider or juice can find pictures on Amazon no need to function but could be animated with a trickling stream of juice.  The other option is  crates or barrels overflowing with apples, potat…
  • I have seeds on Great Lakes I think all the colors of vanilla  I can get them to Atlantic, it'll just take some time as I've got characters pending transfers. Let me know if you need them sent along next run
  • Depending on what shard, many gardeners will gladly share if they have extra in seeds
  • They are a last in first out, so if you max out the number of items you put in it, the last item you put in is the first item given to the person using the Keyword. We've used it to avoid the bell curve of the RNG on dealers when doing gifts for eve…
  • I had heard they were looking for ideas for art for Vet rewards, EM Drops, gifts so maybe some where in our collective brains we'll find a few ideas that might be feasible and agreeable to the Dev team and artist too.  Storage and floor space are a…
  • If it was lost in an IDOC you might want to post on a few other shards too. Often IDOCer's sell off what they themselves don't collect. 
  • Also, our EMs are the greatest, we have a pair! EM events Tuesday nights 8 p.m. CST and Malachi is the author of the fiction that is going with this Khaldun/ Khal Ankur ( I may have spelled that wrong) story arc. 
  • Ditto I walk away and if the vendor has empty containers more than ones with goods the chances I'll revisit your vendor are slim.
    in Shopping Comment by Tanda October 2018
  • Well as a "mule" character times many, I've been on both sides in 20 years of the resource issue. It is frustrating with the randomness but perhaps without taking that away you could find a gold sink means to remedy part of it, like an "Ore Pawn bro…