Art ideas for Vet rewards, EM ideas, Anniversary or Holiday

Hopefully some of you will weigh in on what ideas you like, what you'd like to see. One never knows you might find some ideas that make it to the DEV team and end up in game. 

Possible added art/items


15th anniversary lithograph sized tapestry with a winter landscape or midnight blue background with a snowscape.

Other Winter wall art

A tree skirt

Center piece for the long and short stone tables with pine and candles or ornaments

A door banner holiday themed that says Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays or Happy or Festive Yule or Winter.  Single door wide and tall.

A Santa Steward or Elf Steward deed same features keyword activated, LIFO retrieval (I think that’s how the current one works. Last in first out when claiming prizes/gifts)


Fall & Gardening:

Leaf pile with a rake

Scattered clusters fall colored leaves (varying sizes and tile placements)

A wreath that is either: twigs with fall foliage, fall foliage or pinecones with fall foliage with the ribbon & bow at the bottom so the tails hang down the door or wall.

A compost pile (mix of leaves, twigs & sticks, apple cores, pumpkin bits what ever looks good) the compost pile works like a honey pot giving fertile dirt at a similar rate.

Bushel or ½ barrels full or for that matter open topped crates full of apples, squash produce. (Harvest themed)

Dirt tiles (like the snow, grass and sand) but just black dirt

A rake, hand trowel, smaller stack of clay flower pots (like the large rubble one the base of the tall potted tree) watering can

Vegetable seeds for garden beds

Baskets of flowers, like cut flowers laid to bring in from the garden to put in a vase

A Garden Trudge (basically a basket for harvesting veggies, fruit or flowers into) I’d love to see one that could be equipped so it could be placed in the hand of a vendor or carried by your character.

A flower cart with canopy used to store flowers/plants in that displays flowers like the bookcases when it has items in it.

Small display cases with soil as the top rather than boards to be used as flower boxes.



Small white spider webs

Avatar or Character sized ghost (other options zombie, skeleton, banshee, ghouls) statues (like our Santa) free standing décor that makes the matching sounds when walked by.

Small spiders that will sit in or “hang” in the large spider web deed. The current spiders are too large, and the perspective is wrong.

Some sort of noise maker, creaking doors, moans, shrieks, rattling bones, chains rattling. Motion triggered and themed but easy not to notice it. Like an entry rug or the 3-legged artifact stool as idea examples.

Trick or Treat Steward deed pick a monster or combine it with the statue above.



A Rabbit Steward deed like the city rabbits we got only larger also to give away gifts.

Chocolate rabbits, duckies, or eggs that can be crafted with cooking

A giant Easter basket full of eggs, rabbits etc. like the giant pumpkins/jack o lanterns



Wall art of a banshee or a painting which is animated, and the eyes move. Open/close or shift left to right.

More cauldron related bits, things that a witch might brew in the cauldron (give another use for eye of newt, batwings, frog or toad entrails [those critters exist in game]) A way to use cooking & alchemy to create a Necromancer’s potion/s that give a temporary buff to maybe spirit speaking skill or such.

Ship art/fishing/pirates:

Add a ships prow figurehead or other ship décor accessories, a bell, sail colors or designs.

Headgear for players that’s an eye patch.

Folklore mermaid/mermen statues



Artifact cups/bowls dual side by side ones filled with water and pet food

A broom


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    I like these ideas!

    Here are a few more...

    Vet Rewards:
    Tool stations for masonry and glassblowing (needs to be a heat source)

    Statue (or something) that produces granite (like the carts/stump etc)

    *Reagent Pouch (black bag with runes on it) - Holds reagents from all spell schools, prevents them from being looted by mobs.

    *Book Strap (looks like a bound stack of books) - Holds all spellbooks. Adds functionality to return a carried book to the strap when unequipped/disarmed. (Positive side effect, will stop magical tourette's!)

    Ethereal Boar Mount - This would be tailored for Orcs (could even be used for a new orcish raider mob). Should look like they're covered in warpaints.

    A book for the cards of Semidar so they can be displayed concisely, like baseball or magic cards (then, of course, more cards)

    Weapon Safe - Would act like the jewelry box, but with a search! Holds all melee weapons.

    Thaumaturgist's Shelf - (would appropriately fit on a wall above a writing desk) Would act like the jewelry box, but with a search! Holds all types of spellbooks.

    BoD Rewards: 
    Master Craftsman Talismans for Imbuing, Masonry and Glassblowing.

    *These could also be added as Huntmaster's rewards.

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    you both have some neat ideas
  • I want farm fields for new tiles... like snow, grass sand.  :-)

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    A tile that makes a column of fog so you can make a walk through-able wall of fog
    A tile which when stepped on produces a harmless lightning bolt and thunder sound.
    Animated zombie in a coffin. It would sit up and grown before lying down.
    Large jack-o-lantern pumpkin with glowing face.
    Pink Easter Bunny costume.
    Imbuer's work station to take the place of a soul forge.
    Seed pouch that would name the seeds put into it.  125 seed holding capacity.
    Flintlock pistol if you have the High Seas booster.  Fires reloadable ammo that does same damage as a cross bolt.
    Ray gun.  Shoots energy bolts equivalent damage to the energy bolt spell. Reloads with energy bolt scrolls.

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    I want farm fields for new tiles... like snow, grass sand.  :-)
    dirt tiles would be awesome

    how about quicksand tiles (when you step onto it, you fall slowly to the floor below)
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    I had heard they were looking for ideas for art for Vet rewards, EM Drops, gifts so maybe some where in our collective brains we'll find a few ideas that might be feasible and agreeable to the Dev team and artist too. 

    Storage and floor space are always a premium and Organization. Having something and not being able to find it is frustrating. 

    Also, I'd like to know if any have favorite colors. In my years in game what I see that sells at auction best are blues, purples, pink and the  glacial blues, yellows and Minocian orange. 

    If those who are a fan of the gruesome decor would chime in too it would be great. Not my cup of tea. 
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    TimSt said:

    Animated zombie in a coffin. It would sit up and grown before lying down.

    They should add at least 1 animated item in the Halloween Dungeon each year.

    I like that and the tile puff.
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    These are Horn of Plenty Ideas
    Apple/Berry press for making cider or juice can find pictures on Amazon no need to function but could be animated with a trickling stream of juice. 
    The other option is  crates or barrels overflowing with apples, potatoes, carrots, squash or turnips etc. 
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    Oh, I've gotten a message to add in here, wearable pixie,butterfly, succubus and bird wings.
    Then to add the following animals Griffins, Pegasus, ride able and pack version camels. 
  • OMG!  I have been saying that for years!!!  B)

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