Question about "odd" player owned NCPs...

I'm honestly sorry I dont have a better description. I was searching out all my shop runes, of my shopping pixie, to see what shops still stood and what ruins are now bad. Dread to say... over 70% of my 5 year old runes are all bad.

BUT... I saw these 2... that were dressed as guards, called guards... and were NOT vendors. They had no menu or options. They acted every bit like mannequins... but I honestly dont know.

I dont think they were personal assistants… or whatever we got several years ago. If I didnt know better, I would assume they were something else. You can only see a paperdoll. They dont act like barkeeps... not unless they have been changed in the last 4-5 years.

I would say these non-active "guards" were just "guards"... BUT then I saw another one, named something different... but I didnt think to mark a rune. The first rune that had these "guards" had been re-marked. I just dont have the space to keep ahold of useless runes... so I didnt even remotely think the save it, when I discovered the 2 from the first time.

Anyone have any ideas?

Again... I'm sorry I dont have more data. I didnt think this would be a big issue when I first happened upon it. Now its part of many questions I have been building in getting back up to speed.

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    steward deed (cleanup reward) that takes away from house storage 125 items no matter how much you put inside it... you can set key words on it & if someone says that word they get a daily gift... you do not have to set a key word... there is a weight limit of what it can hold
  • Clean up... from the clean up officers?  Do you know (or the URL) for how many titles?  I wish it didnt demand storage!  Not like vendors care.  (thank god).  :-)

    Owner of the Red & Purple Mini Mall, established 2001. - The Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood [Town] Atlantic Shard.
    Proud member of the Department of Mayhem.
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    Steward description is at the bottom of the page. Title is whatever you want up to 20 characters.

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    A novel use of Stewards is passing items to players when you can't meet them online - or as in the case of EJ, can't leave them in a secure. Place the item, or items in a bag on the steward, set a keyword that only the player knows, allow him/her to collect at their leisure. 
    I have used this to pass items to a returning old guildmate using an EJ account. I set the password to his character name and sent him an icq to collect it.
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    They are a last in first out, so if you max out the number of items you put in it, the last item you put in is the first item given to the person using the Keyword. We've used it to avoid the bell curve of the RNG on dealers when doing gifts for events. Though it means you must randomize how you stock it if your giving stuff lotto style. 
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