Pub 105 - Cleanup Britannia Update

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For discussing the new items added for turnin to Cleanup Britannia


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    Since they are not on this list during a High Seas revamp year, I suppose I should finally toss all those books saved from the fishmonger quests and just not get points. 

    Or was that an oversight?

    Thanks for the great work so far, am having fun!

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    Anything you feel should be added, removed, changed post it here!  This period is for feedback, so feedback away!
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    The Eodon Stealable, all have Zero points if tossed.  Something I asked about sometime ago at a Dev M&G
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    I think the two 150 point items origami should be closer to 300.

    All the points seem low to me.  

    I hope that keeps some saved.
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    @Pawain I so agree the points seem really low 
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  • -- When compared to comparable items? Yes, the points do seem a bit low ...

    Though, I'm thoroughly thrilled that mastery primers have been added to the Clean-Up list. <3
    ~ Jennifer-Marie

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    I am happy to see the wheelbarrow plants, primers, and goza mats added, among others. It does not make sense to me that older items that cannot be obtained any more are worth significantly less than, say, a power crystal that can be easily farmed. Being low points tho at least does not encourage the destruction of those items. I would also prefer if seasonal items were worth a bit more than everyday farmables. Just one quibble with the list itself - I think this is a typo:

    That said, I would like to see the mug added to the list, as well as the candied apple. Same point value as candy would be logical. Since we are adding regs to the list, would it be possible to add potions as well? Specifically the ones from the barrel sponge. Also, I would love to see plant seeds added, even if just a fraction of a point.

    Just my lil wish list. Thank you Devs for updating Cleanup :)
  • Low points indeed. How about Pressie boxes? Didnt see them listed, the new shapes from last years

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    Yeah I was surprised by the low points awarded. I'm not against having to work toward a reward and it's not necessarily a bad thing but doesn't seem to scale to past items.

  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    I was looking through the list of turn it items and was also suprised by the low point value for all listed items. Oh well I guess I will not be throwing a lot away. <span>:pensive:</span>

  • BeccaBecca Posts: 16
    Really disappointed in the turn in value. Did someone forget some zeros or were they mistakenly removed.
  • WhesslesWhessles Posts: 49
    This was asked in the Treasure thread, but bears repeating over here:

    Currently production value for ingen 6 is 1000 New Horde is 500
    Diab is currently 1500 Troves have been reduced to 750 

    Was this reduction intentional or simply some sort of oversight? 
  • DramoraDramora Posts: 14
    Any chance on making the britanian ship a turn in reward?
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    Every year all new items should be added to the turn-in list and all older items should have there points increased due to them being a year older.
  • Dot_WarnerDot_Warner Posts: 234
    All stealables should follow the #pointsXrarity model, Eodon stealables should be worth quite a bit, same as the golden toolbox.

    All artifacts should be 5 - 15K.

    All gift boxes/bags should be worth points.

    Artisan rewards and boxes should be worth a fair chunk of points due to the trouble actually getting them entails.

    There should be a consistent pattern to the point amounts, in keeping with those from the past.

    Pretty much all the new points should be quadrupled or better, as, honestly, all hyperbole aside, the current numbers are an insult to the players.
  • Very clear and constructive posts Bilbo and  Dot, with very reasonable points. 
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    Trying to be civil here, while you are adjusting the turn-in points to a reasonable level, remember, that does no good at all if you 'price' the rewards too high.  Otherwise we end up just like we are with the rest of the gameplay "we gonna give you stronger stuff, but increase the hit points on mobs by 10k" lol

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    Please add anniversary bags and cards
  • TimStTimSt Posts: 1,817
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    My suggestions:

    Seeds - less than a point.
    Skulls, Entrails, Legs, Arms, Liver, Brain, and Torso - 1 point
    backpacks and bags - 1 point
    Crafted spell books - 5 points
    Spell scrolls - 1 point
    Potions - 1 point

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    I agree with above posters that the clean up points for some of the rarer items are too low. I belive they should be increased.

    What I am missing on the list of items for clean up Britannia:

    fireworks and mininova fireworks wands

    all types of anniversary cards

    all types of gift boxes, anniversary bags, holiday, easter, valentines day containers etc. (currently some holiday gift boxes and anniversary bags do not give clean up points and they're not listed with the new list either).

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    Could be the "used" SoulStones trash value lowered to ZERO Reward points?

    It is very sad to see the IDOC scripters syphon them up in a sec, before anyone can salvage them for the various "Stone Gardens"... :/

    Leave (or, even better, increase) the value if someone trash his own SS, but eliminate any compensation for trashing IDOCed ones.
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    — I have never understood trashing soulstones - especially if the stone has saved skill on it. It’s just greed and a lack of compassion for others.

    I understand vet reward stones can be replaced by the Devs and GMs if someone comes back after letting their subscription lapse to find their house fell and all items looted by IDOCers - but skills aren’t replaced.

    I rarely do IDOCs but my guild does them frequently - and all of my guild mates give me the stones they are lucky enough to pick up because I keep them in one chest at my main house. If anyone comes back to our shard and makes a public inquiry about their stones, I give them back.

    Even if the normal IDOCers keep the stones to sell back to the owners, that’s still better than trashing for a few hundred turn-in points.

    All that said, seeds and plants of all kinds should have turn-in value. Player-crafted spellbooks should have a turn-in value based on MODs. So a Scapper’s would be worth more than a plain spellbook and spellbooks with two or three typical MODs would be worth somewhere in between. (With slayer properties weighted so superslayers are more point value than basic slayers.) And this should go for all spellbooks craftable by players: Magery, Necromancy, And Mysticism.

    [[Though, why anyone would trash spellbooks instead of turning them in at Brit Library for Collections points has always baffled me.]]

    I agree with @Dot_Warner that all holiday items should have comparable turn-in value to current valued holiday items and Artisan Festival gifts and boxes should have a higher point value because it does take actual work to earn those - you don’t get them for just logging in or clicking the Elf.
    ~ Jennifer-Marie

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    I will have to find you later in game @JenniferMarie to see if I was luck to have you find my soulstones from when my Keep fell in Trammel Great Lakes. It was a loaded keep too, but did not lose everything, lots of holiday bells and gift boxes  with major and Minor artifacts. Some people made out well when it fell.
  • — When did it fall, @Arron?
    ~ Jennifer-Marie

    "Insanity is a naturally occurring mutation; humanity has just managed to perfect it." -- JMK [[me]]
  • ArronArron Posts: 485
     It was a few months ago.
    Someone places another keep when it fell but I have not seen the owner to ask if he was able to loot the soulstones.

  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,746

    Zero turn in points?? WHY?
    Remove Trap = Bad News
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  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    Maybe it is too new to have turn in points. I did notice that too. 
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,705
    Drakelord said:

    Zero turn in points?? WHY?
    if there is some you don't need, I will take them
    (there is still 3 of them I need hehe)
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    I suppose this is off topic, sort of. It doesn't have to do with cleaning up Britannia for turn-in points. But it does have to do with cleaning up Britannia. So at the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, for those who might be sentimental regarding past EM storylines and events...

    I think items from past events, that no longer lead to any current game content, should be cleaned up. Personally I think a lot of it looks like litter strewn about. It can also be confusing to new and returning players. I don't know how many times I've discovered something or other, or seen in chat where someone else discovers something or other, and asks what it pertains to. Only to find out it's old news and doesn't mean anything anymore. Then why have it nailed down?

    If you attended an event and got a prize for it, great! That prize should be your memento. Why leave all the books and clues and whatever else strewn about? Items like these should be kept current. Why not return things to how they were and make room for the next event and mystery to be solved?

    I of course do not mean content that relates to memorials that have been placed. Or commemorative events that have taken place, adding content to player towns, etc.. I think there's a clear difference between content like that and content added during transient events and storylines.  

    Edit: I should probably add that I feel the same way about content that came from Dev events that have come and gone. Not with regard to items that serve a purpose. Or décor added to towns. But certainly items that were meant as clues relating to content that no longer exists. 
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    I read this in CleanUp Britannia update for Pub 105 published today, 05/14/19:

    1) [[[ --- Mannequin Deeds (2015 Christmas) --- 75 pts ---]]]

    IMO this is totally CRAZY! :#

    A Mannequin Deed goes for at least 400,000 GPs on ATL.
    400.000 GPs are, if the conversion table is still the same as now - i.e. 100 GPs for 1 CUB Point - 4,000 CUB points! :D

    2) Kudos for giving CUB Points for Reagents: this is REALLY a good idea!

    3) PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE bring the SoulStones CUB Points value to ZERO. It is simply unfair  and depressing that the Souls of departed (maybe only for some time) Players got trashed by the cubic ton by the darn IDOC Scripter Looters, and it makes almost impossible to create SoulsStone Gardens!


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