High Seas Update: Treasure Chests & MIB Treasures



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    or a tamer so sick of the crying this forum is a terrible idea and i feel sorry for the moderators 
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    hunter11 said:
    or a tamer so sick of the crying this forum is a terrible idea and i feel sorry for the moderators 
    Not everyone proclaims Doom and Gloom for UO. I have actually found the Forum Quite helpful. It is players helping players which is what it was intended for. It is  also a good place for new and different ideas for game inovation. I am very pleased. And yes there will always be those that you cannot make happy no matter what you do. I think eveyone is doing a great job. Thanks everyone for all you do to make this game so popular and still fun for most after 20+ years.
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    So, to sum up, we're all in agreement Remove Trap should be useful in dungeon chests but not treasure hunting.  There, fixed it.

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    Yes exactly what I thought too...  :)
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    Bilbo said:
    popps said:
    By the way, @ Kyronix , will it be possible to have more then 1 Ship in the Sea per account ?

    I am asking, because I am currently heavily doing fishing trying to "catch up" after having been away for long.... and my ship's Hold is filled with fish and anything I need for fishing Quests, of course...

    Which it means, that I could not use it for Ship combat as I do not want to risk losing all the work so far done fishing....

    Sure, I could empty the Hold when I need to engage into Ship combat but it would be a pain having to switch back and forth with the Ship from fishing to going into Ship combat....

    Therefore, my question about the need to be able to have more then 1 Ship at Sea per account.... so that I can have 1 for my Fishing quests and another to enjoy Ship combat content that will be provided by the High Seas Update.....

    Thanks !
    Deed the fish and take them to your bank or house.
    Bilboooo! Noooo! This is not fun to keep organized. It's a complete PITA...

    These are just a few packs of fish we're trying to keep organized for fishing quests. When your ship's hold is full of quest crates that you can't move to organize, packs and packs of fish that you're trying to keep organized, more packs with lobster and crab, lobster traps and so on, it's a cumbersome mess to juggle!

    Maybe it's a different kettle of fish in EC. I've no clue. But I don't use EC. And neither do a lot of other folks. IMO, trying to rearrange your hold and stow all this is one of the biggest obstacles to enjoying fishing quests. The weight it adds up to quickly is another PITA. It's a pain even if you've got plenty of time to swap out fishing quest items for pirate hunting items. If you're looking to do this in quick impromptu fashion, commodity deeds or not, forget it! 

    You end up with packs and packs and more packs. Packs in the hold, in your house, in your bank. Bah! I hate it! Like, really hate it!

    We've got all sorts of game items to help stay organized and reduce item count now. We've got Seed boxes, Jewelry boxes, Davy Jones Locker, etc. Why not use one of these types of items for fish? Seed Box mechanics would get my vote. Just drop the fish on it and it's named and counted when you look inside. Let us keep it in the hold and take it out and drop it in the house when we've a mind to.

    I think it's nuts not to do something like this and clean up this cumbersome system. The immovable quest crates are another issue. I'd like to see us be able to move them within the hold, stacking them in one corner or the like.
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    Well, I think most of us just wanted a bump to the loot to make them worthwhile.  Then it all went south with all these ideas of needing remove trap, detect hidden, hiding, blah blah blah.

    Never could figure out to start with why we needed mining...Cart should take care of that as well.  And use that slot for more defense/offense.  

    But I think I see how this will turn out,   *sigh*

    And I'll stop here so I don't get stepped on
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    I keep my fishes at home and only do one quest at a time. When I've done as many as I have time/inclination for I take my boat out of the water.  For those people who take multiple quests at once and fill their boat with fish - why?  
    @Uriah_Heep Summing up Kyronix posts as far as I've understood them. You don't need detect hidden or hiding, having remove trap may give some kind of bonus, but it won't be essential. Those of us who currently having mining in our templates will no longer need it, as you have stated, Cart will take care of that, and so we can replace that skill with remove trap, or whatever else you choose to add. 
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    At this point I want to thank everyone for their feedback with regard to Treasure Hunting - we've got a pretty solid high level plan that takes into account multiple points of criticism and perspectives on the Treasure Hunting experience, as well as a road map for how we'd like to revamp them.

    Look for more details in our next newsletter - and thanks everyone for participating!  We look forward to additional feedback throughout the process!
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