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  • Petra_Fyde said: In addition to the discord channel, Baja has a facebook page the most notable Baja resident that I know is @ AmberWitch And @ Darkion Europa is far from 'empty', we have an active population and busy guilds.  Drakelo…
  • Im in PST time zone, and i login at random times. anywhere from 6am to late afternoon.
  • New Legacy is ultimately what Im waiting for. It's why I came back to figure out how to play better than when i was 13 lol. it feels good understanding it better.
  • My character's names are Gildruil, Xylus, Fynn, Arcana. I mostly play Gildruil and Fynn though. Gil is crafter and Fynn is my fighter. I havent been on lately, but I usually say hi in chat as so as i log in. so if you see me soon, say hi xD this we…
  • McDougle said: I have a character on Origin because i like the quiet i have one on Pacific because it's home i have many on Cats because it's become home leave other shards alone  Unfortunately, I may have to do the same thing to find peop…
  • psycho said: I have an alternative solution. Instead of merging and closing down shards, how about some direct marketing in those areas the shards are. Then you could potentially get new/returning players and with good ping playing their loca…
  • I honestly believe the Real Money Transaction bots are more active, creating a false sense of population.
  • I see. The housing part particularly seems like a legit reason to not try mergers. Baja is a ghost time every time i get on though. In my opinion, it would make sense to consolidate population for a more lively world.
  • I'm just lonely, that's all. I can't wait for New Legacy.       
  • Drago said: Unfortunately I was unable to attend Dev meet n' greet but I did watch the recording. QuestionsWill the # of character slots be same as live shards?Housing - Will you need a key to lock your home like 97 ?Will BODs exist? If so wi…
  • JohnKnighthawke said: I continue to maintain that the new shard is a depressing waste of resources. Is this the correct thread to attempt to explain why? you got that far, why did you stop typing? imo it seems like a cool idea. but youve…
  • Marge said: I'm thinking next year for the 25th anniversary at the earliest. Ooohhh very great guess! That initially didn't come to me.
  • What madness do you speak of? I am curious xD also, do you want to chat in game on comms sometime?