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    Cures for the common cold:
    • Reach out to your fellow Bajaians and start some crazy s###. AKA getting people killed doing fun stuff.
    • Involve others in creating chaos and pandemonium. AKA getting people killed doing fun stuff.
    • Don't wait for someone else to reach out to your fellow Bajaians to start some crazy s###.
    • Don't wait for someone else to create chaos and pandemonium.
    And then there are those times, things are cyclic, when people need some quiet time to do their own thing. Like right now people are focused working their cute lil patooties off trying to get their pixels down in fire dungeon. I bet in another week they'll (I'll) be so sick of it we'll all be looking to go to bullet points above.

     If everyone who seems to think they're on a shard that's too quiet for them got together on one shard, say for instance Siege Perilous, you would have no reason to complain.  If you're that bored, and you don't want to lose what you have on your shard, everyone should just go to Siege where they can place a house without losing their house on their prodo shard.

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    @AmberWitch ; :) B) <3 o:) >:)  OUTSTANDING  Baja loves our little witch
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    This is how i would see shard merging work (because yes, there are some shards that are literally almost vacant...).   How much longer until it costs more money to maintain the shard vs. the paying subscribers using said shard?

    • all transferees get 2 vault tokens
    • New land areas would need to be added to the game (tram, fel, malas + tokuno).
    • New land area(s) placement is only permitted to shard transferees for the first 90 days. After that, its open to the public.
    • Houses placed in the last 30 days on old shard will not be eligible (to prevent mule accounts from hording spots).
    • Moving crates would need to be stored via somewhere else until new house is placed on shard.  This might be a big hurdle for devs...idk.
    Shard bound items
    • Grandfather shard bound items to new shard.  If some shard bound items cannot transfer due to balance issues or whatever,  allow account an additional veteran reward to select..(maybe give option to select a 5+ year veteran reward, regardless of account age).
    Character names
    • Free name change token offered to transferees if character already exists with said name (some people dont like their name showing as Drago2 in chat...)

  • In addition to the discord channel, Baja has a facebook page the most notable Baja resident that I know is @ AmberWitch

    And @ Darkion Europa is far from 'empty', we have an active population and busy guilds. 
    Drakelord said:
    Is there a reason why there is are plenty of shards for a single time-zone? It seems like there isn't much of a population in certain shards. What's keeping those shards from being removed or merged with another?

    I have been in Baja for a about a month now and ive only seen one person in chat and one person walking around.

    my curiosity peaks because it seems like a player-base is almost non-existant on some shards. 
    First check to see if there is a public Discord for the shard and join it.  Sonoma has one, https://discord.gg/YZcyzU6a

    A lot of folks are on that server, so check to see if Baja has one.
    Thanks guys! i had been curious. I didnt see this info anywhere. :)
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