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  • Something to keep in mind is the shard time zone. Not your time zone. The shard time zone.  I live in the states. But I am from germany as well as most of my friends and family. So I play Drachenfels. I play a LOT during dead hours (this is not the…
  • There are plenty of people I know that left OSI shards because of nothing more than feeling unheard By the dev team. And I know a few that have done artwork like this that have said often that they’d be fine with the work going to the devs to be use…
  • IMO some of the hairstyles make me think the artist threw a lob of spaghetti at a mannequin head and drew what stuck 
  • Dot_Warner said: *hides in a water-lined lead-and-asbestos shelled bunker for when Mesanna sees this thread* I’ll bring the popcorn
  • Drowy said: The new "Target nearest hostile" with an additonal "Attack selected" makes me crash with the latest patch with the classic client. First I crashed every few mins in Khaldun cause I used the macro pretty often cause the targets cha…
  • Ok so since the whole trolling thing is over with.  @Kyronix and @Bleak can we please hear some info about why the number of macros is limited? Is this something that potentially be expanded to include more slots (more than 4) or is it a “balance” i…
  • I love the feel and don’t mind the graphics of EC so much, but the EC refuses to run well on my pc. I don’t have the money to upgrade it, and I can run 3 clients of CC just fine. So I stick with cc and just run EC for t-maps and BODs. 
  • 3. In the case of luck suits, not being able to equip hand/shield slots at the same time as the rest of the suit hurts a lot. I want to swap to a luck suit at the end of a boss.. but instead I switch.. then have to wait 10+ seconds to be able t…
  • Finally got home and tested this and so far everything has been awesome. Took some fiddling around. Won’t let me combine a macro for arming a specific weapon and suit to the same button so I just set them as the keys next to them.  However, even if …
  • Mervyn said: Nope still works as of about a week ago.  If it was intended to be fixed, would you then not classify that as an exploit. Something you scream and rave about every chance you get? meh. A topic for another time.  Thanks for t…
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  • I typically run a mapper with GM cart, lockpicking, mining, hiding, magery, and meditation. But I also multi client. I have him do his sweep, which is relatively short with 100 mining. As soon as I’ve found the exact location, i run my tamer over.  …
  • It would be one thing if elemental damage still damaged him in Earth el form, but this bug means all damage types heal him when it comes from pets. This equals his longer life span and more rounds of annoying gazers that like to Aggro everything but…