Crashing a lot since Pub 103



  • Drowy said:
    The new "Target nearest hostile" with an additonal "Attack selected" makes me crash with the latest patch with the classic client. First I crashed every few mins in Khaldun cause I used the macro pretty often cause the targets change alot with the teleporting skeletons and ambushers. As I found out, it could be the macro making me crash, I use the macro more cautiously and only crash rarely.

    I can confirm on this. Drowy and I were running spawns earlier and I crashed every few min using the new targeting macro. Stopped using it and didn’t crash at all. Happened to me in Khaldun, Destard, and Doom. Only been happening since 103 client update. Happening with UOA and vanilla client. Seems to be more frequent in huge spawning areas because seems ok when it’s just a few mobs close by to me. Makes for attacking nearest with whirlwind very annoying when the client crashes every few minutes. 
  • So to stop crashing, we have to stop using the new CC targetting....
    Without that, the patch was a wash lol, that was the best part of it
  • DrowyDrowy Posts: 128
    Well, it is what causes me to crash. I dont know what causes others to crash.
    Btw I liked the old CC "Target nearest hostile" more, because I didnt target summons with it.
  • I called ya out for the crashing so let me b the first to THANK YOU FOR FIXING IT !!

    Havent crashed once this week. Thanks for getting on this Team  :). Much appreciated !!


  • usernameusername Posts: 652
    So far so good here too. I haven't crashed in just over 24h after I patched for the publish 103 release to the select 3 shards. Then again I didn't play a whole lot. Will update if I do start to crash again, otherwise, thanks!
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  • I'm also having a similar issue. Whenever I use my hotkey "select nearest > hostile" ; attackselected, I crash probably 30% of the time. It's been going on for probably last 2-3 weeks. I am on CC.

  • I have been dropping without warning at least once a day... 
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