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  • Grimbeard said: I think she believes pets are rezed outside like players are? No I don't think that. Its just as I stated above. I was giving players a faster way to rez their pet instead of having to wait. I have heard its just a Napa…
  • Yes it is and this is what I am talking about. It is very frustrating for alot players and I was giving them a quick fix so they did not have to wait for so long for the rez to fiinally come;
  • Merus said: There is definitely a bug on Napa that blocks pet res from players (pet owner or any other tamer) or the npc vets no matter how long you wait.  The message you get as a player is something to the effect of the pet can not be resse…
  • Jepeth said: I got a 3.0 Necromancy scroll and a Brightsight glasses from her just last week. Well that is good to hear. What shard are you on and how long did it take for them to drop? 
  • Marge said: Tangles still dropping on Chessy and I'm pretty sure someone in alliance got a pink from her this week. Everyone I have talked to on Napa is complaining. Its literally been months and months since anyone seen a pink drop and a…
  • Thank you for responding @Misk. I appreciate your response greatly however disappointing the news is. I do hope to see the First Aid Belt returns as a future event and it has all the bugs worked out of it It really is a big hit with the players fo…
  • @Kyronix do you guys plan on putting the First aid belt back on the vendor when you are finished with the investigation? I haven't heard anything regarding them since they were taken off. Everyone I have spoken to is anxiously waiting for their retu…
  •  Hello and welcome back to Napa. I am sorry you have been having issues with the game and finding others on the game. I found that when I did my imbuer, I had to imbue everything I came to and it helped to have help from others. If you have a fish…
  • Cinderella said: in a 2X2 area, place the green tip on the top most square, then place the others as shown, raise them all up as high as they go. Then place the container down. Use tool to lower the tear of seas, (the others will lower as it…
  • I knew there was a simple trick to it, I just couldn't remember what it was! Thank you so much!
  • Tyrath said: If I remember correctly you build it from the top down using the decorator tool to raise the pieces up as you go and  then lowering them down to fit it all together.
  • Beautiful as always! Your talents amaze me my lady.
  • I found the old post and tried his suggestion for back then and it worked! I now have 10 more chances with UOA until they fix it. Thanks Mandrake of DF Below is from Mandrake's post in December 2017 **Updated** Go to start - run, type Reg…
  • Last time, in Dec of 2017, Mandrake of DF came up with a way to change the RegParm for UOA to give us 10 more tries until Tugsoft updated the program. He hasn't done it this time. LOL WE need him again to save the day!! Where are you Mandrake?!?! LO…
  • I can't get the website to come up at all and I am totally lost without it after all these years. LOL
  • I just wish we could design our own. We all have our own taste and personalities, likes and dislikes. We pay for our accounts, why can't we build our home the way we want to live in them ourselves?? 
  • Nevermind - I reinstalled it and it now works right
  • Today I received an update on UO Assist and all it does Is repeat the update over and over again. It will not load UO the game up. Anyone else having an issue?
  • MissE said: @ Lady_Sparkles Not sure if this is the info you are after, I have made you a step by step, if not it maybe useful for someone else I had to do this on a Keep as I don't have a 'normal' castle any more since converting mine. M…
  • Yes this is perfect and exactly what I needed help with! Thank you, Thank you!!
  • Thank you for the information. I will keep that in mind. My main issue is how to set them up over the open area of the castle on the 2nd & 3rd floors. Adding the tiles out over those sections are giving me anxiety! LOL Help!!! I am using the goz…
  • I put in a call for a GM but I don't always get a response so lets hope I do this time. I have tried everything for weeks to solve this and just can't. This is my final attempt! LOL Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it!! Lady Sparkles…
  • It says I do not know the recipe, but if I try to use another recipe, it says I know the recipe already! LOL what a mess! 
  • Yes I did. And it showed that she learned the recipe. But when I went to make the map, it said I did not know the recipe. It was just a waste of the recipe   Should she have done the quest or do I need to call a GM?