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  • For number 1 my honest opinion is I like the different events and I feel like they can only do so much with the old tech. I do not like how the last ToT was handled and turned into a grind fest, but it is what it is.  As far as number 2 goes anyone…
  • I am very well organized...ok I am not, but hard no for me sir. 
  • Kirthag said: Your intent is notable ELG. Good luck with that. Cheers from another vanilla 2D player. I appreciate the kind words.
  • I will be blunt, the lack of communication is scary but it could be for a great reason...or a terrible one. I for one do not want to rush anyone so I will try my best to wait...but I want more communication just like everyone else. 
  • A bard npc with as lute that plays music when you drop gold on it.
  • Drago said: 1997: Still remember going to electronics boutique in the mall and buying the huge box (you know old gaming boxes 8 1/2 x 11)... with the Britannia map... (still have it) I have a couple of mine too with the pewter pins. 
  • I can say for myself I have seen a few streamers and youtubers using clients other than the official and while it looks good and smooth I can see how it may come with added benefits of use. This would be a tricky subject to work out but clearly, it …
  • keven2002 said: Can you imagine going somewhere like a tailor shop to be fitted for a suit/dress and then months go by without any updates from the tailor about the status of your suit/dress... all while you are making your monthly paymen…
  • McDougle said: McDougle said: EpicLuteGaming said: McDougle said: The overly heavy handed moderating is in fact one of the issues as posters are fearful of expressing anything that might be perceived as criticism. Where i…
  • McDougle said: The overly heavy handed moderating is in fact one of the issues as posters are fearful of expressing anything that might be perceived as criticism. Where if not here are customers to go ?  Feel free to DM me whatever it is y…
  • McDougle said: Seth said: Yoshi said: “Okay so they cannot afford to ban anyone for using cheats. But there are other actions: how about re-introducing a permanent stat loss? A loss of 1% on all skills upon death for those usin…
  • Feigr said: I've called this dude out before.  I really enjoy listening to his stream while playing.  Highly recommend. Definitely think the Broadsword team could utilize streamers more too and promote them.  UO is the perfect game to play w…
  • McDougle said: No really labeling people who ask about bugs etc and expect acknowledgement and accountability and  Want communication complainers is what causes the negative toxicity you think we reached this as pawain says whiny stage over n…
  • I would like to think our devs are not in cahoots with 3rd party sellers but then again proof would go further than speculation in cases like this. I have seen nothing that makes me think that however. 
  • gay said: ignoring all players except those few that they deem worthy. (who ironically play primarily to monetize and profit from the game. definitely no hidden agenda there with a dev hook up, right?) **EDIT** Is that a thing? Also I am stu…
  • You all should stop arguing with each other first of all. Its gotten you all no where this far so try to just chill the heck out.  To clarify, I am a content creator on Twitch/YouTube, I am not associated with EA/Broadsword or anyone of the devs. I…
  • McDougle said: I can't even  Well you should try.