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  • loop said: inaliz said: [snipped] Your perspective is valuable. As I see it, there are two types of players who are jumping into UO in the year 2022: The Nostalgia Tripper. You've played UO before and have had a sudden itch to revi…
  • keven2002 said: The tough part about UO for new players isn't really due to the "item gap" imo but rather the learning curve to attain it.  On most shards, people are willing to help new people out with free gear to get you started. I've bee…
  • LilyGrace said: Two things were introduced in UO that were IMO huge mistakes. Power Scrolls and uber gear found as drops. Both automatically set new or returning players at a distinct disadvantage. Their introduction, despite the in…
  • Urge said: Items obviously had some impact but for most of the game they've not offered alternative ways to get the items. The previous years of content are constantly tossed out when something new arrives. We've got a massive map that's hard…
  • Garret said: If u know what are u doing almost every skill is about 3-5 hrs from 50 to 100,  i manage to skill up taming from 50 to 90 in 4 hrs, imbuing 50 - 120 took me 15 mins, tokens are just for some on who want catch up and have money an…
  • I'm only at 60% just made the toon a few days ago. But, power hour isn't active?
  • Would also love to know for instance. What a experienced player does when they log in and go do the things. Like are there certain foods/buff items or certain things you can do to fully buff?