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  • @Cinderella thank you for answering my question. I thought it was pretty clear and glad you understood my question.
    in Pirate Wine Comment by Arron August 2019
  • NamelessJourney said: Well, if you're in such a hurry to suggest leaving, why are you here? And if you're going to leave, I could always use some items > _ > NamelessJourney said: Well, if you're in such a hurry to suggest lea…
  • Amen Brother. And Besides you can't see anything in that picture. I am guessing that there is a stack of Tritons there . If that is what you are showing, what is wrong with that. We don't know how they were gotten, it could be that 4 friends live an…
  • Some one keeps stiring the pot. We do not know what the Dev Group has planned for the coin use. It does not help to keep going in circles about the reasoning behind what the Dev team does and why. I know there is a reason for what is done, and since…
  • I think the colour is close but not quite there yet. The Carpet seems a little more blue to me. However, it could be the monitor I am using at work. The Ocean seems to have a touch more black to it, IMO of course.
  • Can you use the deco tool to find out what the ocean water colour is? Then use dyes and a dye tub to reproduce that colour? I would test it but I am at work at the moment.
  • I forgot about him.He is really hard for me, I guess it depends on the character you use. I tried it once with my tamer and was able to do the rooms without too much trouble but the Dark Father handed me my walking papers several times and sent me p…
  • I noticed when you said this in game. I was not having any problems at all, but since I was doing  spawn I did not want to jinx myself so i did not respond. Sorry. 
  • Parnoc said: When it says You are already digging, to me it always means I have found the chest and am digging it.  Appears to me that you should stop the macro and wait for chest to pop.  I don't like repeating macros for chest digging, I …
  • Yes I am liking this new Bonfire. It is really big and animates really nicely. It will be warming up my Fel Keep. Thank you Dev Team for the nice surprise. That was very thoughtful and perfectly timed. 
  • I am sorry that happened, but it is good it happened in a safe place. This needs to be investigated. I do hunt with my Scrolled out Triton and would be heartbroken and a bit upset if it randomly  un-bonded. Also If I remember correctly the bugs are …
  • I think I that is a great use for the Blue Scrolls. I have been thinking if I have a lot that I do not need I can also do the same. I have also been thinking of figuring out a way to help equip the new and returning players with mid lvl armor and we…
  • It make me sad to see so many homes falling. I know a few is expected but so many. I hope we can stop the loss or slow it down to a crawl with all the new and exciting content out or coming out.
  • I did not know about this. I will have to try to do it sometime, there is so much going on in game with all the new content I can hardly keep up. I am in Bliss lol.
  • I have noticed that whenever I do spawns, the pet sometimes dies because they cant focus on one target. When that happens I command it to guard me, sometimes that helps them to focus on that target  and usually they kill that target. However It is h…
  • SanE said: This still appears to be an ongoing issue. Wife and I returned after nearly 10 yrs not playing. She invested in a new cu full spec very pricey only to have it go randomly wild during Navery and this result in death before she nor I…
  • Very nicely written. I enjoyed it and look forward to the next installment.
    in Reunion Comment by Arron July 2019
  • I like Piper because I can solo him. My least favorite is Mephitis. That spider is Fast and Mean and Nasty just like Semidar another of my least favorite, but I would never want to replace them cause they are a challenge.
  • ON Great Lakes as well as several other shards there are Soulstone graveyards where you can see if your lost Soulstone were turned in. Just ask in General Chat for their location. On Great Lakes for example @Mesanna has set up a Blue Tower with mail…
  • I do not do it enough to answer this question. I have done it a few times. I have not heard anything about this either official or rumor. I will wait to hear from the development team before I start to speculate. 
    in Scalis revamp Comment by Arron July 2019
  • Maybe that will be the next fix they will implement. Not allowing people to turn of accounts off for months at a time without fear of loss. Just saying. That is a lot of money loss. Imagine the hardware memory and the lag that could be reduced if th…
  • @Mariah thank you for making this clear to me. The reason I asked is because I was accused of multiboxing, which I had not heard of, and wanted to make sure I was not doing anything that went against the ToS. If I had to be with out my daily UO fix …
  • I have heard of Mulitboxing but I am not sure I know what it is. Can anyone explain what it is? I will also try to search it on the web.
  • Cool. Is that something you had made special?
    in banksitting Comment by Arron June 2019
  • Pawain said: I am and wear +5 Sitting glasses. That is too funny.
    in banksitting Comment by Arron June 2019
  • Lol. Your point is taken, however all fantasy games must have an economy or else it will just be a walk in the park, hehe Like the real world we have to earn our way we have to trade something for something, weather it is Gold, Time, Skill or Someth…
  • I have been doing Hoards and get them often.
  • Ivenor said: The point here now is NOT to be for or against the BF "fix": each one of us has, as today, repeated ad nauseam his opinion on the issue. The point is that at 03/25/19 the Team FORMALLY PROMISED that a "see/don't see switch" woul…
  • @Ezekiel_Zane and @TimSt Good ideas. My Imbuer is in standby mode. Would be nice to use him more then I can just unravel more of the loot I find. *My Main House is Quite FULL of the stuff to Unravel*
  • This is NOT Star Trek Tng and we do not live in an enlightened world of the 24th Century where everyone has the same opportunities and no one has to worry about wealth Ultima Online is based on our world where you have to work hard if you want to ma…