why are quest items worth zero turn in points

Two of the items above are simple to get just kill the T rex and the Ape, I have over 30 of each and they are worth zero points, the other three are a little harder as they take time, help 5 cubs, help 5 turtles, dig up 5 lava stones so I have less of them, none are worth points
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  • Victim_Of_SiegeVictim_Of_Siege Posts: 1,895
    Just going to guess that since they are worth the quest reward, the devs probably felt they didn’t need points. I would tend to agree with them.  
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  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,230
    There's still a lot that give 0 points like peerless ingredients and antique loot. 

    What makes me sad is that soulstones give the most cleanup points of anything. Those should be spared and returned to owners. 

  • ArronArron Posts: 485
    ON Great Lakes as well as several other shards there are Soulstone graveyards where you can see if your lost Soulstone were turned in. Just ask in General Chat for their location. On Great Lakes for example @Mesanna has set up a Blue Tower with mailboxes to drop off Soulstones. Most people turn in Soulstones when found which I think is Great!!!. That is why I will always say the UO has some of the coolest players, we look out for each other and I do appreciate that.
  • UrgeUrge Posts: 1,230
    Yes I know the graveyards. The point is that they were given such high turn in points. I'm sure some are swayed into trashing as opposed to donating to the graveyard.
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