July's Fishing Contest

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Who'd want to catch stones? They're small, break your teeth, and have no taste at all. But still - kicking off the new fishing year's contest, go and catch me the biggest stone fish you can! Drop your catch into the EM hall's mailbox, and you could find your efforts preserved at the Hall of Champions!

Stone fish. Eww. Crunchy.

Anyway - It has been a whole year since we started the new fishing contest.

That means it's time to announce the winner of the Big Fish Contest!

In third place was Mapario Naharis, with 181 stones.

In second place was Sara Dale, with 186 stones.

In first place was Sir Charles, with a 193 stone giant!

It didn't quite beat 2016's winning catch - 196 stones, caught by Victim - but it came close! And it was the biggest catch of the 2017-18 contest!

So well done, Sir Charles, and your fish is on display at the EM Hall!



  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator

    Ah, yes. I’m glad to see you spotted that. I was just testing to make sure you were all awake. Carry on, carry on, as you were.

    The prize fish for July is not the dreaded Trammel Stone Fish. Although, if anyone does somehow manage to deposit one in my mailbox, I promise that I will :

    1. Let Mesanna know all about your strange ways of hackery.
    2. Give you some sort of prize. If you somehow survive the wrath of Mesanna, of course.

    So, the fish for July is a bit easier to catch than the Stone Fish. Being such bright sparks, I thought I’d send you after the Lantern Fish instead!

    Carry on.

    And, while you're checking up on me, the biggest Fire Fish was won by Creeger, with a 148 red hot beauty!

  • EM KincaidEM Kincaid Posts: 190Event Moderator
    The bombardment of messages from fishermen continues.
    Ok - here it is. If you manage to catch EITHER of those fish, drop 'em in my mailbox.
    If you don't, well - have fun with whatever you're doing. 

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