Still can't buy game time....



  • Mariah said:
    I can't, it's an issue that needs querying with EA. :(
    According to the image posted earlier by Yoshi, 6 months gametime in UK is £47.99

    if you click on the code to buy it adds £8.00 it can not be vat as it clearly states inclusive of VAT it is not legal to add tax if this is stated sorry there is a major error here this is not on the EA site but on the account section I assumed this was run by broadsword you can not add a tax after stating clearly its inclusive which means already added surely someone at broadsword in management should know the answer to this simple question. I appreciate you as a mod but we get zero replies to emails most of the time to the broadsword team, we are just trying to buy codes to play their game but it seems there is little interest in solving this problem it's a shame I have already closed 1 of my accounts I am trying simply to pay the correct price for the game and I
     myself have been contacting EA to try and resolve there code problem I just assumed that Broadsword management would be onto them everyday to resolve an issue which will hit there loyal player base?? or am i just a little stupid??
  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,122
    Again every morning until this is resolved Mesanna should personally post stating what has beed done..
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    I like pie.
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    I like pie.
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  • TyrathTyrath Posts: 542
    edited February 2023
    I am still waiting for sov codes 7 days after buying, emailed messana 5 times

    Go into your EA Acct and look at purchase history, if the order is complete the Code will be there, you just have to enter it manually. I had the same problem a while back and wasted a ungodly amount of time with Broadsword Support that told me I needed EA Support in the end and then EA Tells me Nope you need Broadsword and felt like a ping pong ball and finally a EA Support person asked "Why don't you just get the codes from your order history?"  BTW Never did get the codes in the email

  • SableSable Posts: 242
    I was able to buy 30 Day Gametime Codes the past two days.  My location is Southern California.  Hope it works now for everyone else too.
  • PawainPawain Posts: 9,262
    The fact that they save all your codes on the website is awesome. When I bought high seas I did not know I needed another code for the items in the chest. 3 or more years later I searched my history and found the code and got my items.
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