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I hope this is proper place to post ....

*A Cookie A Day Keeps The Blues Away*


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    "A Cookie A Day Keeps The Blues Away" didnt work they still arrested me

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    When I look at what is happening in the states right now, I remember what my grandfather, the public safety director of our state, once said. "Police are not your friend. They are a necessary evil we should be able to do without, but we can't. There is a fine line between what makes a criminal and a good cop. We pay for the difference by giving one a badge and promise to keep us safe." 
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    The whole point of the a few bad apples saying is that the bad apples  spoil the entire barrel  rPoliticalHumor
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    “I don’t think this is the appropriate forum”
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    I wonder who will those that hate law enforcement call when they have a life threatening situation or a home robbery happen etc. 

    ya I’d rather stand behind a cop than the idiots that tried to defund them 
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    Have to agree with Yoshi.  This is a game forum.  Do not think the original poster intended for this to become a discussion about policing.
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    I agree 100% this thread doesn't belong here.

    Edited to add: You can't move in my family without falling over someone who's served on a police force, with a fire department, as an EMT, or for the armed services. So, it's not about that. 
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    As it is no longer 'National Police Week I'm locking this.
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