A new player asks for advice

Hey there,
i just started playing for the first time and i do need some advice.
I wanted to go warrior at the start and after skimming some old wiki i thought i had my build together.
My skills are :

Sword 63
Tactics 60
Focus 98
Anatomy 72
Healing 53
Lumberjacking 63
Mining 50

Stats: 97Str  65Dex  40Int   225/260
I know that i wont be able to max all of these skills and i do have a returning old player helping me with gold and stuff, but she plays almost exclusivly tamers, so not much melee knowledge to be had there.

I was thinking about optimising my build, maybe going paladin with parry, before i "waste" too much time learning the wrong skills. I skimmed the forum and so far im at:

-Focus is not useful for what i had in mind
-the axe-dmg boost from lumberjacking is minimal
-lose at least one gathering skill so i can push the combat stuff with powerscrolls once i can find some.

Thoughts? Advise?  All help is welcome.


  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,349
    Don’t think mining helps a fighter the way lumberjacking does.  Would think about chivalry or Bushiido (spelling bad)) instead.  Chivalry has nice spells for a fighter esp. without resist spells and I think the other does more damage.  Others will provide better answers.

  • NorryNorry Posts: 522
    Swords 120
    Tactics 60
    Chiv 80
    Bush 120
    Parry 120

    Leaves you 220 to play with
    Could do
    100 lumber(offset the lost damage from lower tactics)
    120 anat.

    Drop bush giving 340 points
    Healing and anat 100
    Necro 100 for vamp form
    Take tactics to 100

  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    120 Sword
    110 Anatomy + Jewelry/Tally - 120
    100 Healing
    100 Parry
    110 Tactics + Jewelry/Tally - 120
    100 Resist
    80 Chivalry
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,349
    If you were willing to drop focus and mining, you could add either necro and spirit speak and become a necromancer, or add bushido and chivalry, or add chivalry and resist spells,  if you add Bushido to what you have your parry skill will increase if you have a two handed weapon but will decrease if you use a shield.  Necro and chivalry skills both include the ability to use recall runes.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,349
    Also, look for a good weapon with high life, mana, and stamina leeches.
  • SethSeth Posts: 2,904
    edited May 2021
    There is alot to cover in this post, so you should continue to do more research and ask for specific questions. Mine ended being a sampire and I have changed the template and gears more than 10 times over the years, and still upgrading recently. There is alot to learn and pickup so do not expect 100% spoon feeding here.

    Some starting points I would suggest:

    Weapon Skill: 120
    Tactics: 120 (I know many say 60/100, but for max damage go 120 for mastery)
    Chivalry: 120 (nothing less, because its useful, e.g. EOO, etc)
    Bushido: 120 (Honor, whirlwind, etc)
    Parry: 120 (pairs well with bushido)

    Use two handed weapon if you like bushido and find one with
    Hit Mana Leech HML (as high as possible)
    Hit Stamina Leech HSL (40-50%)
    Hit Lower Defense HLD
    Hit Life Leech HLL (ok for low level but not enough against boss or stronger monsters, say Rend or Putrefier)

    Other than HLL on weapon, think about how you intend to heal...
    1) Necromancy - Vampiric Embrace, 20% life leech (100% success), or
    2) Healing - need to carry bandage, or
    3) Bushido confidence is mainly a backup healing on the run.
    4) Chivalry healing - I am not sure how effective is this though as I have only used this in as a last resort when all else fail or ineffective.

    For character template, aim for:
    140 - 150 HP
    150 - 180 Stamina depending on your weapon (research on this as it depends on your weapon type and over SSI)
    Normally 60 - 70 mana if you have a good mana leeching weapon.

    Gears go for
    Damage Increase: 100
    Resist: all 70
    HCI 45
    DCI 20 (if you are using counter attack) or 45 if not.
    SSI (based on weapon and stamina)
    LMC 45, Armor type better to use Metal armor for reduced stamina loss.

    Ofcourse... if you want a real tank warrior there is no need for lumberjacking, mining. Resist Spells is required only if you deal with blood oath and your template can deliver very high damage (say 150 and above per hit).

    The above is not everything but enough to set you on course for more research... lol
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  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,349
    Looking at your stats and where you are right now if you only have 225 points to distribute.would consider locking strength in at 100 and probably reduce your mana to 25 or 30 so that you dexterity increases to 95 or 100.   Don’t think any special moves require more than 25 mana.  Warriors need high dexterity for weapon use and healing.  End goal would be to have strength and dexterity over 100. Individual stats are easy to raise or lower later on if you decide you want to place more emphasis on strength, dexterity or mana.
    Think Bilbo’s template would not be to difficult to achieve and that it is a good one.  Some players would replace the resist in his template with Bushino.  You might have to go with 110 power scrolls for anatomy and tactics as the 120 scrolls are getting hard to find and are very expensive.  You will eventually want to get a 25 point stat scroll so you can increase you stats to be more inline with what Seth reccomends.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,349
    Thuntedyou might find this post useful.
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