How to do extended red carpet?

Hi all,
I'm building a battle chicken fight arena, using the glorious OT arena from back in the day as inspiration. I cannot figure out how to get the extended red carpet (circled here)!

The main stairs are interior staircases, and I realized there were 3 extra stairs - I'm guessing made by breaking a second interior staircase to leave just the first 3 stairs. I got that far in my design. But how is the extended flooring done? I can't find any floor tiles that are red. Are they raised gozas? Carpet tiles? Same with the flooring to the right of the extended red carpet. It perfectly matches a floor tile in the house customization tool, but it appears raised as well. 

Any ideas? 



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    looks like the carpet you can purchase in royal city at the tailor shop.
    there is a quest you have to do first.

    And the carpet is dyeable
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    Thanks, Cinderella! Yep I think I've got it... had to place the first segment of a broken staircase under each of the tiles, then I put an ingot on each stair and raised it 2 ticks, then put the red Ter Mer custom carpet tiles on top. Wooohooo! That was it! Thanks!

  • Ahhh well... turns out that's not it either - people end up standing on ground level half cut off by the carpets. I don't know what they used to make it walkable at the higher level. I couldn't get gozas to place at all. I think I will give up and just make it lower. 
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    how about placing a goza on top of the carpet & then lower it once.
    then see if you can walk on it

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    So close... it appears to work, but when I recall away and come back, the gozas show on top of the carpet. And when I lower the gozas another tick or destroy the gozas, then can't walk on the carpets again (cut people in half). 

    There has got to be a way! :-D 
  • I think I've got it working! The goza mats need to be 5 ticks up in order to be flush with the top of the broken first portion of stairs. If I raise the gozas 6 ticks, put the carpet on top, recall away, come back (and the gozas shift to above the carpet), then move the goza down one tick, everything seems to stay in place and the height is correct to prevent falling through the carpets.

    I'm going to finish them off and see if it still works. 

    Thanks, Cinderella! 
  • CinderellaCinderella Posts: 1,564
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