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    For dexxers having some crafted pieces is almost impossible to avoid, near impossible to have a perfect complimenting legendary set.  I think the crafted suits could use one more property to really make legendarys even.  Jewelery is a whole different game though.  I really think runics for and enhancing for jewelery would be a huge bonus to crafted suits.

    And as others have said nothing can touch a crafted luck suit. 

    I also think carpentry armor should get the lmc, coupled with enhance bonuses some really great crafted melee pieces come from the elf gear. 
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    psycho said:
    Kyronix said:
    Care to be a little more specific?  “Good stuff” can be pretty subjective.  Lots of goodies coming down the pipe though!

    suggestions: :)
    The peerless ML bosses, drop the same now as 10years ago, quests give the same rewards as 10years ago, stealable artifacts spawn daily throughout the world for 20years, same drops on champ spawns past 10 years (with few exceptions like the primers). It seems like instead of updating old stuff its easier to add new stuff/areas.

    Not asking for a new design/tactics on the old encounters, but might be easy to add 1 single new item to the droplist?

    Also the bug-fixing-publish was good, but please sort out a few more bugs (party system i.e)

    As for the anniv gift/spring gift/easter gift/xmas gift/valentines gift, sure its fun and stuff, but its not the most important in this game and I fear it consumes too much resources that could have been used on other things.

    I agree a lot with what Psycho has to say. I'm not asking for new items, or new modifications to existing items I'm asking for loot quality and intensity to be increased across Sosaria. To clarify, I'm not asking for loot bumps on Mongbats, Ogres, or Ettins. I'm asking for the toughest monsters in the game, to include Peerless, Champs, and other minor bosses (ML named foes), to have their loot adjusted. It just makes sense. I want to hunt the old grounds again, and enjoy parts of the world I haven't traversed in over ten years. It's sad that we're pigeon holed into one area to farm (realistically) for powerful gear.

    This is a sandbox MMO. Let us choose what we farm, but award us for our time.

    Furthermore, strongbox quest items should be looked at as well. I remember that used to be an excellent source of gear. Anymore it seems the Ultima Online model is now "farm keys for 1 hour, fight boss for 20 mins"...rinse and repeat. BORING. Stop gating the content behind "keys" and zones.
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    yes i agree. I'm not interested in more holiday and deco items.  what is needed is higher intensity of items and more properties.
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