Development of map applocation aiming to succeseed UOAM and UOC



  • Thanks for your feedback and encouragement

    Your opinion is very helpful.

    Yesterday I got completely tired of malice and threw out UOSS completely, I fell asleep shortly after I issued an update and version announcement.

    I think that I can possibly make good tools themselves, but the only thing that matters is that it is an illegal tool if you just make it.

    There is a possibility that the user will be vanned by using it, and it is not approved because it is not official recognition because I fear it more than anything. There will be many people.
    Among the bashful bashing of UOSS of the other day, there was an opinion that "I do not know whether it is not certified and I do not have credibility."

    I thought that authorization and unauthorization of third party tools would be reviewed by Pub 100, so I thought that it would be worth challenging then I made it with expectation.

    If I make tools other than this motive, it may be a great tool indeed, but there is a danger that something that is not convenient for Broadsword's operation and development can be made.

    I am also happy that it is possible to provide the development of the community and what the players will be delighted with. If myself could possibly be approved if I make a new one, there may be a future that makes even more different things There is not it.

    First and foremost, is there a possibility that a supplementary application that is newly created will be approved or not?

    Since the addition of functions and correction of defects were almost completed, in version 0b5 of yesterday we removed beta from version.
    It is no longer in beta, but this does not mean not updating nor paying for it.

    Thank you.

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  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    Broadsword has not issued an updated list of approved 3rd party programs. This means they are still reviewing them. I would submit your map program, and continue to work on it. Once it is approved, then players can legally use it to test it out and help improve it.
  • LargeLarge Posts: 14
    Just the fact that you are making the effort to do something constructive for the game since there has been a lapse of development on alternatives to work with modern clients. i say thank you. i will take a look mat your app at some point. take no notice of negative feedback there are always unhappy people.
  • >Tanager

    Thank you.
    Regarding "3rd party program approved", I am e-mailing many times, but neither "under consideration" nor "neither" nor "waiting" are replying.
    It is encouraging for people who feel value in my map to participate in the request!

    Thank you.
    I do my best I can and I pray to be recognized by Broadsword.


    [version 0b6 / 2018/07/13]
     ○ The minimum unit of drawing update (position acquisition interval) has been improved to 20/sec to 60/sec. (If there is no update, it will not be rendered unchanged)
     ○ From the SOS text of the UO2D client, experimentally create a function to extract coordinates by image matching. Use from "Sextant input".
     ○ Fixed a problem that occurs when the marker point reaches part of the edge of the screen.

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  • TanagerTanager Posts: 634
    The Dev team get a LOT of emails, and not a lot of time to reply to them. Perhaps one of them might sneak a peek at this thread and shuffle through the overflowing in-box to see if maybe this map project can get a quick nod.

    @Mesanna ;@Misk ;@Kyronix ;@Bleak ;

    Thank you!
  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,458
    Is this a freeshard you're doing all of this work on ?
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
  • > Tanager
    Certainly the story of 3rd party approval is a very small part of their many jobs

    > Is this a freeshard you're doing all of this work on?
    Is freeshard the emulator?
    Does this use an old UO2D client different from regular clients?
    If so, it cuts down the form before the map format was newly changed, so it may be necessary to regain it.
    Specifically, I will check if I know something.
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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    So is he or isn't he doing this on the official UO shards or as Garth asked is he on another type of shard?
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 626
    what do you care? are you trying to get him banned for use of unapproved third party programs on regular shards?
    how about you leave the guy alone, after all as far as we can tell so far he is just trying to help with the problem that development for uoam and uoc has been stopped for years.
  • Garth_GreyGarth_Grey Posts: 1,458
    I was just curious, I couldn't care less either way.
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    Please make the Grizzled Mare a 5 slot mount, it's incredibly rare and deserves it. Some of us have been waiting a long time for this simple addition.
  • Max_BlackoakMax_Blackoak Posts: 626
    was refering to Bilbo actually...
  • [version 0b6 Rev.1 / 2018/07/15]
     ○ Fixed an issue that could not detect the installation destination of the current distribution version of UO2D.
     ○ Changed UO client's directory handling so that it is automatically added when the end is not \.

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  • [version 0b6 Rev.2 / 2018/07/16]
     ○ Added "Edit Self Name" which arbitrarily designates the player name to be reflected on the map. This also applies when sharing. can use other than English.

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  • [version 0b7 / 2018/07/17]
     ○ Added "Treasure Hant Map Image Analyze" to analyze Treasure hant map by image matching. However, execution of this will take CPU load for a while, and it is not something to be hit hardly.

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  • [version 0b8 / 2018/07/19]
     ○ Change the message when the UO folder can not be found. Added a reference button to display the folder selection dialog in "UO folder change".
     ○ Add shard name to position display. (From the client window's string)
     ○ Changed to be able to attach the unique label of the current shard (hidden in other shards) when adding / editing user labels. If not checked, all shards are common.

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    edited July 2018
    I’m having difficulty using the program as all the options are in Japanese.
    I tell you the truth, tis better to do 10 damage on the right target than 100 damage on the wrong target.

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  • >I’m having difficulty using the program as all the options are in Japanese.

    In the environment where the OS locale is not Japanese, all displays are in English.
    Please report if the locale of the OS is not Japanese but not in English.

    [version 0b9 / 2018/07/20]
     ○ Fixed a bug that shard specific to user labels could not be switched correctly for multiple client use.
     ○ Correct and adjust the problem that the icon was not displayed when the drop-down menu was closed in the Add User Label dialog.
     ○ Reduction of problem that window display of add user label dialogue is slow.
     ○ Display the list of user labels, move to label position and delete selected. Added "List of user labels" that can simultaneously switch shard specific.

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  • Supplement: There is a bug where the old beta version has Japanese applied to menus not all in English.
    It has been fixed.
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  • [version 0b10 / 2018/07/25]
     ○ Treasure hant Improvement that there are many cases where it is not possible to detect points of SA by image matching.
     ○ UOSA's Treasure hant map image matching, and Trellhan View, it turned out that the scales differ for facets other than Trammel and Felucca, and it corresponds.
     ○ Responding to problems that crash when specific conditions are set by image matching on Treasure hant map. 

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  • [version 0b10 Rev.1 / 2018/07/25]
     ○ Fixed a bug that location of server password is fixed as "password".

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  • [version 0b11 / 2018/07/27]
     ○ With location sharing, list shared members and trace the position of one of the connected members. Or you can arbitrarily display markers from yourself.
     ○ Bug Fixed a problem to re-create the drawing area every time when updating everything when using it in the state that it is not the topmost window in 0b3 Beta 3 and later. Eliminate unintended unnecessary high load and operation instability.

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  • [version 0b12 / 2018/07/28]
     ○ You can select and switch the language to be displayed from the menu arbitrarily from Japanese and English, and save the setting.
      * uovmc had a bug where the menu was fixed in Japanese when it was in beta, but it was designed to be compatible with Japanese and English from the early development stage, and in the environment setting "Japanese" as OS regional setting On the PC everything was made automatically to be written in English.
      However, it is said that it is caused by lack of a place of language selection like the conventional application, even if it is told that "This application is displayed only in Japanese, it can not be used" and it was not even confirmed.
      So if you can make any switching at any time, anyone can understand, so you can switch languages arbitrarily.
     ○ Fixed a problem that a blank part will be formed when starting with the forefront display from 0b11 change.

    veterinary meister
  • [version 0b12 Rev.1 / 2018/07/28]
     ○ From 0b11 change, it was judged that the screen size was changed each time, and the problem that load and unnecessary redrawing always occurred was fixed.
     ○ Fixed a problem that my coordinates are not updated when I become the guest side in the shared member list.

    veterinary meister
  • [version 0b12 Rev.2 / 2018/07/29]
     ○ Change the OS language judgment from GetSystemDefaultLangID () to GetUserDefaultUILanguage ().
     ○ Changing the name at the time of location sharing to be limited to the designated self name (as account name may appear depending on the timing)
      In later versions, the shared name is only those specified in the self-name, and the character name and account name are never included.

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  • [version 0b13 / 2018/07/31]
     ○ Fixed a bug in memory leak correction due to start / stop of sharing, and sometimes the program might not terminate properly because the communication processing was not closed on the host side.
     ○ Change the window of the shared member list to modeless (do not lock the operation of the main window).
     ○ Fixed a bug that map conversion was not executed if "Force UO2D Map" was selected when the map image of the UOSA client was found.
     ○ Improvement of treasure hant image analysis logic.

    veterinary meister
  • [version 0b14 / 2018/07/31]
     ○ Fixed a bug that name was not applied until reboot if user label was added when Japanese label was off.
     ○ "Add / Edit User Label" is divided into "Add User Label at Center Location" and "Add/Edit User Label at Cursor Position".
     ○ Added chat window and added chat function with location sharing member.

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  • BilboBilbo Posts: 2,834
    Has any DEV said anything about this?  Does it work on the official UO servers?
  • DEV has no answer, but in the first place this application does not assume operations other than official UO server.


    [version 0b14 Rev.1 / 2018/07/31]
     ○ Fixed a problem that the program stopped when it was a server that was not responding when disconnecting the server.
     ○ Fixed a problem that UO folder could not be found in 32bit OS.
     ○ Fixed a problem where display was not automatically switched after map conversion in some environments (mainly old OS).
     ○ Improve the line feed code of chat.
     ○ Fixed a bug that speech was not displayed in some environments of chat.

    veterinary meister
  • [version 0b15 / 2018/08/01]
     ○ Added setting to display lines of 8×8 grid which is management unit of resource etc.
     ○ Added map of 200 x 200 to the choice on Treasure Hant map.

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  • [version 0b15 Rev.1 / 2018/08/02]
     ○ Process may not terminate correctly Fixed problem Test 2
     ○ Added choices of 50 W 75 W 100 W for each stage of speed → detail in Treasure hant map. The larger the value, the wider the judgment area and the lower the speed.

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