Hello Atlantic! Who's still around?

Sadly, I had left about 2 yrs ago and my house most likely fell.  There was no talk about going free to play otherwise I may have held on.  Heck, I was paying for 2 years prior and barely logged on!  I do miss the music, the original areas, and the people.


  • I have been around off and on since 1998, always have kept my account active though.
  • I refuse / cannot leave.
  • I am here! Been playing off and on since the beta. Came back last year. Having fun will all the new stuff!
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  • I'm circa 2005 on, but was introduced to Ultima 3 and went downhill from there, lol.
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    I float about Atl and Europa  :#

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    I thought I had the habit kicked, but after 7 years off, here I am again :D
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    Played 2000-2003.  Came back because of the Taming changes and the revamp'ed client.

    It's actually an exciting time because it appears UO is in another stage of renewal and a new age is upon us.  

    So its cool to reinvent oneself every now and then.  B)

    I mostly run around and train pets and load up my Magincia stable.  Otherwise, you'll catch me at Champ spawns.
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