What is the order in which to pick abilities in pet training?

I could not find info on this in the wiki.  There was some stuff, but not this in particular question.

If my pet comes "naturally" with "Magery", what order should i pick the last abilities?  I'm training a Ki-rin.


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    Hope this helps you choose:

    Basically if a pet has a magic ability already, you can then choose 2 other abilities.
    These can be 2 special moves, or 1 special move plus 1 from either the area of affect or from special abilities category.

    example add armour ignore + nerve strike
    or armour ignore + explosive goo

    you can also change magic abilities too. You dont need to stick with magery.
    Changing magic abilities doesnt use up a choice as it has already been used by magery.

    So you could change to poisoning and then add armour ignore + venomous bite or poison breath.

    Only other thing to mention - if you add say nerve strike. It will add bushido as a passive too - this does not take up a further choice as its passive and not active.
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    What’s the best way to train Dread mares and Bane dragons 
    thank you
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    there is a lot of research that has been done on the other forums as well as


    as far as us telling you the best, well.  thats up to you. what do you want your pet to do, and what can your pet be built to do.

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    Choose categories from the bottom up.
    Areas first magics last.

    Some pet types  can only get 1 thing and a magic so take the pet to test center first.
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