Conflict of Interest

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Mariah plays UO on Siege and is the "NEW" guild master (Petra Fyde) this is a definite conflict on interest,

What is a conflict of interest you say? "A conflict of interest occurs when an individual's personal interests – family, friendships, financial, or social factors – could compromise his or her judgment, decisions."
  1. Is this a conflict of interest?3 votes
    1. Yes, push her in a sink see if she floats
    2. No, We hate you Saul stfu


  • A lawyer friend told in legal subreddits, people usually get instantly banned for mentioning "Better Call Saul." I guess I can see that now. 

    Parts of a person's life coming into contact are not by themselves conflicts of interest. An example:

    In high school, I had a retail job.
    In high school, I had friends.
    Said friends sometimes made purchases at the business I worked at.

    That itself wasn't a conflict of interest. Giving my friends my employee discount was, as my personal relationships were affecting the business. See the difference? 

    Since you didn't actually point out evidence of preferential moderation, I gather you are just blowing smoke.
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    “I don’t see any conflict of interests here at all.

    As far as is evident
    Mariah is the sole member of broadsword who actually plays UO, 
    this has so far been very beneficial, very informative and helpful posts.

    instead of just closing threads because they don’t understand the subject and hope the problem will just go away if you keep suppressing the complaints”
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    Trying to stir the pot but there’s nothing in it. Okay dude.
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    Complaints: We take pride in our forum. However there may be times where some of our members or guests may feel upset. If this is the case please send the Admin a pm clearly stating what you are upset about. If you can take a screenshot to back up your claim then please do. Anyone found to be abusing the complaint system will have action taken against them.
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    This thread was closed before I saw it. I will briefly re-open it to clarify something. Petra Fyde is not, and never has been, the leader of the guild NEW on Siege. I'm not quite sure where that information came from. If the OP would like to contact me in DM I will attempt to understand where the misunderstanding occurred.
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