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  • So the account becomes disabled after a game code runs out, then 120 days after that date you can play Endless Journey?  I think you thought I was trying a free ride. Not the case. I just don't wish to pay £120 for a game for a year. I'd rather s…
    in House decay Comment by Xrose May 2018
  • Sorry to bump an old thread. Another question on house decay and how that effects transition into Endless Journey. In EJ (endless journey), a player can't own a house, but how does that work around the 90 day grace of an unpaid subscription.Does thi…
    in House decay Comment by Xrose May 2018
  • Ivenor said: Welcome back! If you are looking for RPG on Europa you should maybe take a look at the Guardsmen Militia of Yew (link below)... I. A call to arms! - Guardsmen Militia of Yew I've found the location and marked a rune. Nobody…
  • Aye, I've tried trillion a few times and don't like it. Discord is my choice ;-)
  • Ahh yeah I used to use Atlantic a long time ago and moved to Catskills, I am not really interested in Atlantic anymore. ;-) I am really never going to use ICQ again. (if I can help it) Discord is much friendlier.
  • Thanks, Yew is a nice place. I'll check it out when I get settled in a day or so. Just placing my house and bits in the house. Nice spot too.  I recall I actually had a brief encounter with the Guardsmen a few years ago, probably about 7 years ago. …