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  • Paithan said: There have been really terrible ideas in this thread. Devs don’t understand how OP dexters are if you don’t have parry. I feel like this whole conversation has been overcomplicated. After reading through all of the posts up to…
  • Tranquilllo, I'd like to chime in on this as well. Following what you've said, I do not think it is fair to be so rude and harsh to you. You're just trying to help further the community through developing new tools that have the opportunity to be be…
  • If you're just coming back, they kinda are. There's a huge loss of perspective here by those who are rich and jaded. Comparing prices before and after this pet stuff, the prices of scrolls are a bit insane now.
  • Nikard said: I think you guys are missing the point.. shadowguard was meant to be a challenging encounter from the beginning.. thats why the loot and items it drops are so crazily strong in comparison to the rest of the game. The ONLY reason …
  • Being a new or returning player is hard enough because you're so incredibly far behind gear wise due to how OP good legendary pieces are. Are we seriously making it harder for new/returning players? As someone who has come back recently and now wil…
  • cobb said: I hope double right clicking is not necessary.  Having to constantly double click would be a good way to get carpal tunnel The way Bleak explained it to me was that you do not have to double click to get the speed bonus. Pathfi…
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  • Mervyn said: This message is on prodo shard... Had this happen earlier to me too on ATL. 
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  • Becca said: Did a spawn today, was using wind and the spawn was getting both red and yellow damage.  In my testing it's completely random. Sometimes pet damage done is red and damage taken is yellow. Sometimes it's the other way around. So…
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