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  • Nice snag, and nice design! Keep us in the loop!
  • Dot_Warner said: The original design of the new BOD point banking was far more draconian than what we have now, which still isn't good. A big chunk of the problem is the fact that not all BODs bribe properly, which leave gaps in the point sp…
  • KHAN said: I wouldn't worry about it too much. When EJ goes live, and all of the script miners/BOD collectors/Bod fillers get up and running, the price on the BOD reward items (hammers, PoF, etc...)  will drop so fast it will make your head s…
  • Syncros said: Most of the forges I saw back in the day was from a bug errr unintended feature.   I remember someone once had a portable forge a GM gave them.. He was likened unto a God on that server.
  • Misk said: Coldren said: Is it possible to get the House Placement tool fixed in Classic Client? It's still not positioned right based on the cursor. This is a known issue that is already in the system.  I have put it onto…
  • Feigr said: EJ can't place a house. So not sure why that would affect anything. EJ, no.. But what happens when they become full subscribers? Might be a little frustrating that they pay for that privilege and have issues.. Bad optics and al…
  • Bilbo said: make sure your window is in the upper right corner. .. Ugh. Why would I think to move my window? Thank you for the tip Bilbo!  I have never heard of that... But really, this seems like a silly bug to have - Seems like a locat…
  • Here's a more detailed overview  (Direct Link) of the BOD system as a whole. Bilbo's search would have worked, but this cuts out on the guess work. This is UO's official documen…
  • Strength and Honor. *Salute*
  • I resubscribed to UO for a month just to participate in this discussion. I feel Deraj has made many good points, and elevated the conversation beyond a mere "Randomized bad, don't like, want easier" to one of merit, so a shoutout to him/her. Keep …