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  • Just for future reference. Years ago, the game made available costumes for halloween. Now these weren't actual costumes but polymorphs (like the spell) that when you held the item in your hand it made you look like a monster. There were many differe…
  • Had never heard of that. Makes more sense now from what I read here in another thread now. Wish it would of mentioned that in the description as anyone returning to the game after that halloween costume thing would have no way to know. So it's total…
  • I solved my atlantic problem. Went to LS. Prices are still outrageous but there is lots of room for a house.
  • sorry to say the invasions are gone (at least in Lake Superior). Main reason I resubbed as I like content that shows up in non dungeon areas. They've announced the orc dungeon event (without noting it's location). Must be a common knowledge thing if…
  • I just came back from not playing for 20 years on LS. I don't have a tamer and at first I was a bit annoyed the invasion seemed just a tamer event but as I get to know the game again I see there is alot more to UO. Not sure if the invasions happenin…
  • I see lots of large plots taken where no one builds anything. Amazing in a 20 year old game people will dedicate an account to hold a property they aren't using on atlantic.
  • Sadly, the saga continues. I continually have to reset the UI, close the window. Reload to get sound back. It's pretty annoying. All I do now is reset, select full screen, switch to 1368x760 to play now. I've done that 3 times today already. No repl…
  • Never mind. I finally saw the reset button and the sound started working. Something in my choices to do with legacy things in the enhanced client conflicted somehow and muted the sound I guess.