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  • Strange, I was in r same situation last week, they died it for me I'm 3 days. The was an issue with them being unable to read my email (no one else had the issue) so they have be a broadsword address to send to.
  • Thank you for that.  That's also not far from where I build my house! I totally forgot there was a vendor search nowadays, thanks for the reminder.
  • Just while I get myself settled I hope you don't mind if I ask more questions. How good are tinker pets such as the Vollum?  I have a GM tinker already.  
  • Merus said: And the only skill you really need is cartography and magery. Is a melee Treasure Hunter feasible then or would the spawn be too tough? Arroth_Thaiel said: I agree with Merus on each point, with a caveat for magic equipme…
  • It was the maps I needed.  Installed them and started working straight away.
    in UOAM Comment by Boo April 2020
  • Cheers for the responses guys. So, it sounds like Treasure Hunters need to be more focussed on the craft these days...I think I like that. What builds do you guys use?
  • Thank you, that worked brilliantly.
    in UOAM Comment by Boo April 2020