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  • "it could be behind your hotbars with the macros on hahaor behind paperdoll or backpack" Yes the helathbar was behind the macros bars......I'm quite stupid....sorry
  • If i use Classic the healthbar it's not on the screen. Where the healthbar is? A mistery.
  • Mistake
  • Correct screen
  • No Mariah, it does not work. It's not a setting problem, with my setting all the other PG have the healthbar in the correct way. 
  • Appears 3 great bars, one for HP the second for Stamina and the third for Mana. No its not the solution. Need the usually small healthbar. The solution its not on setting, in fact all other my character have the correct health bar. I dont understand…
  • VvV participation flag for non-VvV players will now be removed after 8 hours, or the participant is killed by a VvV player, whichever comes first. 8 hours IN GAME i suppose.
  • JackFlashUk said: This has been doing my head in for a few days now as I am clearly too stoopid to work it out. WHAT IS A PG????????? Player Game. In role games, RPG, Role Player Game. 
  • I suppose that my situation is similar. 3 days passed but i'm always orange. Ill try the suicide::(( Thx guys.
  • Yes its true, after a visit in Skara my pg and the pet changed the color::)) Thx for the answer.
  • Elves have night sight and +20 mana. You will lose the jack of all trades and all the cool hair styles. Ok np. THX
  • Sure at 120%?????
  • Can i train this pet now? If yes how? 
  • After your question about items, I've utilized a bracialet with +15 bushido, with 100 bushido the pet is bonded! Probably it's necessary to have 100 and not 90. My assumption.
  • It's real.
  • Yes done! One click only on the book with the 45 spells to bring up the context menu. Now  my paladine has the possibility to utilize the two new abilities, rejuvenate and holy fist. Thx.
  • Understood!!! Need a book of mastery with all the spells. OK i've a book with 45 spells in.
  • Mariah said: Birds of Britannia talisman from the Library Collection: +5 animal taming and +5 animal lore Thx a lot.
  • Lord_Frodo said: Get somebody to make you a set of jewelry + the bird tally for training. Ok, for jewelry, but what is the Bird Tally?
  • Norry said: your lore should have to be at the bare minium. so like i said, 108. have someone try tansfering a cu to you. i don't think it will allow you to because your taming and lore are to low. I'm training my tamer to arrive at 120 Tami…
  • Norry said: for minimum control of a 5 slot pet, your lore and taming need to be 108 after talismans and jewels, and for max a combination up to 226, or 230 as some say. if your new to taming, i would suggest getting both to 120. would suck …
  • Norry said: The pet is a dragon, my animal taming is 105,9 and lore 90,8 Your skills are to low.Dragons slot jump, and you should need 108taming AND lore (for slot 5), even if not real At the moment the skills of the tamer are:  Lore 90…
  • Norry said: Your lore needs to be up there as well. Good luck and try again. Sorry it took so long for all of us to see that bit. NP. Do you think that it's necessary to have minimum 108 in both the skills Lore and Taming? It's not enough 1…
  • NOW i've finally found and read a message at the bottom of the screen "You lack the taming skill required to tame this creature"  It's necessary to have 108 in animal taming, if Norry is in the right, no doubt about. I'll continue train my tamer to …
  • Sorry Mariah, but it does not work. I repeat the process step by step: Animal Lore on the Dragon - Click on Pet Training Options Appear the sheet "Animal Training Menu" Click on Plan Appear the sheet " Pet Training Planning" with at the Top "Ena…
  • Mariah said: Yes, the new target will set if you have applied the upgrade correctly You must lore the pet after you add the upgrade to be able to see it on the lore screen
  • The question it's now very simple: after to have assigned the new value in Hits Pts, Resistances and so on, THE NUMBERS AFTER THE SLASH ON THE LORE SHEET ARE THE NEW TARGETS OR REMAIN THE OLD?  I've to see on the lore sheet for example: HitPoints ag…