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  • oh yes I noticed and I also noticed there are people still asking. I thought just a simple date if anyone knew so you don't have to scroll through 50 messages to find something that is not there. Perhaps I missed the date but If you don't like my po…
  • Is there a reason that felluca isn't turned on during these events? It worked pretty well during fire so why did they stop after that?
  • They need to be consistent with the spawn rates. The only spawn I think was close to perfect was Hyth. They could also put in a champion spawn in trammel during these dungeon events to boost the spawn for those who like it.
  • Even with a good pet running consume damage, the para balron will usually switch agro to take tamer out. I would love to see the pet that can survive without running consume take it out. The dexxer can't take the multiple damage strikes hitting for …
  • Dollar has an easy system. He runs a paladin with Bushido and when he is about to die, he drags everything and runs confidence and evasion. The problem is the extreme nature of the para balron. Almost impossible to solo even with a good pet. Throw i…
  • They better kick Krampus in gear. Would not be xmas without getting ganked by a pack of minions. 
  • Well, almost all armor can be enhanced to some degree anyways. If you have a nice chest piece and want to spend the ten bucks to get mana regen on it, I don't think that would be too difficult or hurt gameplay. Wouldn't be very much different that i…
  • Well that would be my next question. Is there any way to revert the changes to that piece? I would hate to leave UO but after this and the unnecessary changes to the equip macro, it just seems like one disappointment after another.
  • Sorry it is not complex, it just does not make sense. When you enhance you increase the ability or stat by the given amount. When I enhance metal with gold, it will give it 40 luck if there was not luck on it and increase it by 40 if there is luck o…
  • I made a piece and tried it again. The one piece if before enhancing and as you can see it has 2 hpr. The next pic is after I enhanced with yew. As you can see, the hpr went down to one. Am I wrong in that enhancing adds properties? For example, enh…
  • First off, what exactly was the reasoning behind the equip macro change? I am not aware of any programming or in game issues that would have forced the devs to make the change. The only excuse that I have heard is that it gives an unfair advantage t…