A greeting from a new player

I started playing a couple of days ago and just want to greet everybody. It was about 10 years when I played UO last time. I played on unofficial shards. I am not experienced player and most of the time I want to play solo with my own pace.  I picked Chivalry/Peacemaking/Discordance/Mace Fighting and I'm standing on macros most of the time for now and continue reading about the game. Not sure where I should go after New Haven. For now I'm just killing Ogres around Trinsic. Just want to say Hello everybody and see you in the game! :)


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    I am new to UO completely. Been in game about 1 month so far and enjoying my childhood dream game I always wanted to play. I find myself making a Stealth Ninja running around back stabbing mobs and enjoying this event for drops everyone seems to be crazy over. I meet a great guild on LS. I know have 1 year sub'ed and also a house. I am thrilled I finally get to get involved into a game that got away from me in my childhood. 

    (This is not a Joke, I am a brand new player completely to UO. Never played not one of them just always wanted to play the first MMO when it launched is all.)
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    Amazing! Welcome to the game :)

    Send a message if you need any help. There are also a couple of discord servers that are pretty useful:
    UO Europa: https://discord.gg/zq4YnETt
    S|D Guild is also full of helpful people: https://discord.gg/VxK96fJ3
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    Welcome, try this link for some help and ideas

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    Welcome to the Madness, LOL
  • Thank you everybody :)
    Recently I realized that my build is a complete garbage, so I started ABC Archer and bought Deluxe Starter Pack. What a difference! It's so fun to play and damage output is high (comparing to my first build).

    @Redscar, I strongly recommend to buy https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/beginning-the-adventure/deluxe-starter-pack/

    I have a full time job and family and many things to do in a real life, this pack hepls to shorten grind time dramatically.

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    I am returning... (for the fourth of fifth time now) seems like I do closer to Christmas time. It's nice to progress without grinding. I remember when I was 18, staying up till 4am grinding away, running away from PKs and just increasing skills. I actually have nothing to brag about, ha, but its satisfying being able to do things now, others could pull off years ago!

    I usually do a lot of Solo PvM but if anybody wishes to meet up (even a guild) I'll be checking back on this thread on the forum occasionally just in case it gathers any interest. I use discord and steam mostly for gaming contacts. (Uninstalled ICQ long ago!)

    Things I need to do

    1/ Fill a new spell book up. (5th circle and higher)

    2/ Do some roleplay. (within a guild, preferably)

    3/ Increase and decrease skills ! (and get somewhere)

    "The Kind Kemistry looked at her surroundings of the lost lands, had she been retired here do so long that she had lost contact with any friends, well it's good to escape the mercantile cities of Britannia, with news of houses being left to crumble maybe it's a good time to return, to lead a peaceful and quiet life as a nomad. Perhaps make a new friend and heavens above, do some adventuring"
  • Xrose and others,If you tell what shard you play its a greater chance to meet someone willing to give a hand or answer questions etc  ;)

  • And welcome all of you!

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    Greetings Minerva,
    Its in the Europa subtopic so, erm I play on Europa. 
  • Oh sorry,
     I saw it in Recent discussions  ;)
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    Ah yeah, that happens  o:)  
    Well, I am on Europa and if anybody out there old or new wish to do something or just hang out for a bit let me know on the thread or send me a message on here! 
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