Mistakably flagged as absent during ToT event?

Today I was flagged as absent during the ToT event as a GM told me after asking why I cannot kill stuff anymore. It happened on my thrower in winterspur. 

I don't understand this. I clearly played the character, I even died a couple of times and always move into different directions to prevent getting swarmed. I also dress differently and my name is also different from the 5ish scripted throwers who were there. It seems the GM just flagged every thrower in winterspur as a macroer. This is utterly unfair, as there were 2-3 other real players like me running around. I also did not use several clients, just 1 character, unlike the 3-4 different scripting teams that apparently belonged to single players. Just because I was a thrower does not make a scripter, this is guilt by association in my book. Also, whoever flagged me, did not ask me any questions if I am present. 

I did, however, OCASSIONALLY use a boat I parked nearby to kill the paragon frostmites, although I was in the middle of the spawn most of the time. In the message I later received from the GM after asking, it says I was ABSENT, so me using a boat was not the reason for the penalty according to the GM. I do use boats on my t-hunter all the time (if terrain allows), so if using boats to kill mobs on land is generally against the rules, you should let us know.

So please, if you flagged my account, remove the flag. I have opened my account in 1999 and have, to my knowledge, NEVER EVER been warned for anything. Also, while I appreciate your efforts to remove the scripters from the event, please make sure you are not targeting innocent players next time.


  • ShaneeShanee Posts: 11
    A GM didn't manually flag you, it's an automatic safeguard they added which is very badly designed. If it detects you aren't moving much for some period of time (which could have happened while being on the boat), you get flagged. This hit tamers last event and even if you're a ghost afk for a few minutes you'll automatically get flagged and won't be able to hit anything for a while (maybe 10-30 minutes?).
  • LootdudeLootdude Posts: 15
    edited October 2023
    Thanks for letting me know. I will avoid standing still for too long from now on. It would have been nice to have received at least a message from the system as a pop up window. Thinking my character got bugged, I patched the game, reinstalled it, died, changed equipment etc. and only paging a GM finally shed light on the issue. In any case, thanks for the info.
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