Time to deal with event bots?

It's only taken 24 hours but they are rampant. 

You see the players that are attended, they see you killing things and the run off to find mobs to kill, very respectful

The others, you know them, easy to spot, the auto follow targeting "players"

Simple test, get a para skele dragon to follow you, and as soon as its near the bots, they auto target it and get their asses kicked, or the player "wakes up" and manages to escape

DEVS, you must be able to see them, they all do the same thing!

Sort it please 


  • RorschachRorschach Posts: 497Moderator
    There are several threads on this topic already. Remember, the forum is not the place to report on suspected cheaters. That is an in game system. Thank you.
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