I wanted to ask couple questions but I screw up on the times for the TC1 M&G

I ask before about a fix for the Summons the EMs use, Player summons and the EMs summons are the same color. Hard to get the bars when there is several EVs fighting the same target

There is still the issue with the Zoo uniforms not having a decent Head piece, a circlet would be great

Remove Trap = Bad News
Treasure Hunters


  • These are more like suggestions than questions

    I agree it would be nice to change the color of non hostile summons for trammel. I feel like this has been discussed at a Q&A before but I don't remember the response. I'd imagine it would involve creating a new mobile category that probably isn't as straight forward as we think it is from the back end. 

    I also think they have mentioned that they agreed the zoo needs an update or revamp but its not on the priority list right now. 
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