50 stone items

I cannot tell if there is a particular reason why some items are 50 stones or if it is a bug. Anyone?


  • It's been around for a long time. A little annoying but I'd just consider it a bonus property like brittle or antique. 
  • HolumerHolumer Posts: 172
    Okay.  Ty ty
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,296
    It’s there to catch the unwary treasure hunter or looter off guard making them overweight when they least expect it, like when the next monster jumps out of a chest.  It’s caught me off guard more than once.  Moral of the story learn to look before you loot.
  • SkettSkett Posts: 1,384
    It’s a negative property that allows other properties to bump up like -100 luck 
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