Time to report the GM's for failing at their jobs


I have emailed you many times about this and now is the time to publicly call you and the GM's out for supporting scripting


the whip wielding scripter has been in the many hours a day for MONTHS collecting the maps

auto run towards door, turn back to pentagram

summons guardians

auto target, heal, loot Maps

rinse repeat

YOU KNOW ITS ILLEGAL because you banned their previous char from the same place. So what so they do? give you the finger and send in another char doing EXACTLY the same thing. So what happens at your end? job done move on? can you not see the similarities between this new char and the one you actioned? REALLY????

Once and for all, accept its legal or DO YOUR JOB

your lame challenges are just embarrassing 

Once they have collected enough maps they run the t chest script that so many others seem to be running as well, they all do the same thing, almost like there is some webpage somewhere where they can download illegal scripts? You know this as well


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    We are sorry but this is a prod shard related issue. 
    If it were NL shard we would investigate the matter.

    Thank you for your patience.

    NO were not expanding our team to have time for both
    NO were not bringing the page GM gump upto date so people know how to report cheating.

    Once NL shard implodes after 9month all players will play Prod shards right?  well time to upgrade the prod shards abit to handle the new players and meet them with logical paths forward. The gap between NL and PROD is mindblowing it needs a smooth transition.
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    This is a discussion forum, not a reporting forum. It is a waste of your time to report individuals here on this forum. Please use in game reporting systems to have your reports seen by the appropriate people.
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