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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my unhappiness about the latest changes to the IDOC system. I've been trying to put my house in a spot that's a bit tricky due to the bumpy ground. The big problem is that it's really hard to figure out the right size, and I have to wait for a few time each time I try to place it.

Is it okay for things to be so difficult? I know changes for IDOC are needed, but it seems like the recent changes just make things more confusing. It's not fun for players like me who want to enjoy the game without extra problems.

Is anyone else having this issue? I'd like to know what you think about the new IDOC changes. Let's hope the game makers listen to our feelings and make things better for everyone.


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    At least show a timer... another ineffective unwanted change that only punishes the regular players 
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    It's like the game's taking a turn in the wrong direction. We're not here to reverse-engineer the whole system just to understand how to play. The point of playing is to have fun, not to decode complex mechanics.

  • GandalfGandalf Posts: 115

    Has anyone else thought about this? I'm really interested in hearing your take on whether these changes seem like a "dirty fix" rather than a genuine improvement.  @Kyronix @Mesanna

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    its total bs for sure how it is now hope they fix it soon
  • As I said in another thread yesterday: I haven't used the house placement tool since they changed it until today and WOW is that frustrating. As hard as it is to place some of the larger plots in this game, it's ridiculous to wait minutes between attempts.
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    My thoughts and prayers to the honest house placers. That sounds annoying as hell. 
  • Yes, please revert this and get rid of the cool down between attempts, it's extremely annoying and doesn't fix what it was supposed to fix (placement scripts).
    While we're at it please also revert the deletion of vet rewards when a house falls. Nobody asked for this in the first place and it makes no sense.
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    They implemented to a rule to deal with 1% cheater and the new rule also affects 99% of legit players... oh did we not say this long ago? 

    Such a recurring, systematic problem. 
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
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  • I’m curious out of ignorance; what is the best way to deal with the scripters? Does anyone have a solution to the issue?
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    I hate the new housing placement thing too. It is so frustrating. You know sometimes you have to start from a 7x7 to get to a castle. Or to get to an 18x18. It was already fraught with danger because you would get the message that you had done it too much. Which was fine. No biggie. I get it.

    But now... It's some random time and you don't even know if it's actually working or not and it's just horrible.
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