Stop closing threads, k, ty

Is this NAZI Germany? NO! Stop closing threads and allow people to have free discussions.

Forum -a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged


  • people here do NOT want to talk to you, or listen to you, or generally be exposed to you. But you just don't get it do you? TROLL
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    I read this post and really changed my life. I went and got my neighbor and he agreed that it was the most moving post in the history of posts so we rented out Neyland stadium so we could share it with as many people as possible and bring hope and change to the world. 

    *wakes up* Damn, I need to drink some coffee, i'm hallucinating again.
    A Goblin, a Gargoyle, and a Drow walk into a bar . . .

    Never be afraid to challenge the status quo

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    @SaulGoodman1 ; You are mistaken, this forum has rules, when you made your account here you agreed to abide by them. You are most assuredly in breach of that agreement.
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