Any of this suggested or in the works?


Just returned from a long break. I feel like the game is brand new with so many changes. There are so many cool things. Still though im curious, is anything like the following in the works.

New pets, both mountable and unmountable ( will dragons finally be mountable?). Id like to see a luck pet, a pet you can retrain as needed and smaller pets that are potenet in herds, more than they are now. Id like to see ridable bi-pedal pets and ridable flying pets

Increasing mining/lumberjacking to 120 and making it actually hard to get newer ores/lumber and/or increasing the chance of rarer ores. Other skills also.

Merging of shards or cross shard zones like dungeons and towns and the ability to search other shards vendors etc. I realize housing eould be a concern. New shards with gold caps and transfer in rules would be nice.  Shard merging could happen if non player housing areas were opened up.

Id like to see vampires lol and events around them.

I have lots of things that id like to see. The explanation of the legacy shard looks very cool.


  • It's unlikely we'll see shard mergers. That would be dumb anyway.
  • A shard merge would be great, delete all shards and let everyone come to gen chat on Atl
  • Shard merges would be dumb. There currently exists systems for folks to transfer from shard to shard if they do not like their community on their current shard, be it too small or too large or whatever. (Or, in my case, too many memories.) Shard merges would only alienate more players than it'd appease.

    Further, anyone who played UO in the old days remembers complaints about population lag. I guess some might remember lag fondly but I do not and I think most are with me. Indeed when lag comes around again I tend to get really angry. Adding population lag wouldn't help.

    I'm always in favor of cool new content and new pets (if balanced of course) and vampires (new enemies for high-level encounters!!) would be welcome.

    I'm unaware of plans for any of those.

    But honestly I think your real point was shard merges. I'm aware of no plans for those either. And they'd be dumb for the reasons I described and more.
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,314
    It has been stated by the Heads of UO that there will NEVER be a shard merger.  Calling for a Shard Merger is nothing but a TROLL @Mariah @Rorschach Can you edit out the part about Shard Mergers to make this a non troll post?
  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,122
    Shard mergers should happen as we should get down to one client neither will happen despite the good it would do but people should be allowed to discuss it 
  • Lord_FrodoLord_Frodo Posts: 2,314
    Grimbeard said:
    Shard mergers should happen as we should get down to one client neither will happen despite the good it would do but people should be allowed to discuss it 
    I have paid my dues for 25 years to get my castle spots and now I am suppose to just move to an overcrowded shard and lose my spots.  There are absolutely no reason to merge shards as long as there are enough paying customers to support UO.  UO is about choices so stop trying to tell me how to play UO.  There is no business reason to close any shards on UO but there are reasons to keep all shards as closing shards will result in accounts being closed and I do not care what you think Atl does not have enough players to support UO.
  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,031Moderator
    To the best of my knowledge none of these suggestions are 'in the works' or even feasible to do. Some have been discussed before and vetoed by devs. By all means discuss it, but on the understanding that they are exceedingly unlikely to happen.
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