PSA for those that use 3rd party clients

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Just keep in mind your password is exposed and is not encrypted in the client what-so-ever. All it takes is one of the several people that develop/maintain these illicit 3rd party clients to go rogue and they can STEAL EVERYTHING on your account. It's already has happened several times before (read their forums/discords if it hasn't been deleted) and it will happen again. I'm guessing it's one of the main reasons Sovereigns exist: they don't want people putting their CC in to an unencrypted client, especially a 3rd party one, and get their CC's stolen.

I guess for those of you that are currently using them probably won't ever give it up. I wish your account contents the best, I hope you get to keep them and their contents.

For those of you that maybe considering using them in the future I hope you reconsider.

ps: the main 3rd party clients are Russian owned/operated. Note this has nothing to do with current world conflicts and I'm not insinuating anything, it's just a fact.
  1. Which are you?7 votes
    1. I use cheat clients, won't give them up
    2. I use cheat clients, I may reconsider with this information
    3. I don't use cheat clients, maybe thought about it, I may reconsider with this information
    4. I will never touch those and get hacked
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    5. I use a client that works, because I want a fun gaming experience. And none of your fearmongering is really relevant, if someone wants to steal a few pixels, they are welcome to.
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    If players were to ask, does it work a little too well - maybe. But this is the way things are going anyway.
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    6. Beer

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    @username why do you care if that is true?
    90% of Pvper's use and they dont care about... why should you?
    you people need to stop bitching about that client, it is here to stay... if you not happy dont use!
    how about you mind your own game and leave everybody else to their own business... such a Karen's nowadays.
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    “I used to be anti 3rd party client now everyone on this forum - mostly the moderators 
    forced me to use it.

    i can’t be bothered to switch back, took me ages to set up macros/profiles

    if you don’t use it,
    and you post bug reports about official client
    you just get labelled as playing the victim

    and told to get better at game
    or stuff dismissed as ‘working as intended’

    so easier to just use it like everyone else
    and stop wasting time trying to get devs to do their jobs
    and accept that each time you pay your subscription you’re being scammed

    they just label the bugs as working as intended, it’s a total scam

    so I would rather RISK my account info with Russians than be guaranteed 100% to be scammed by broadsword who label working as intended to attack nearest hostile and kill your guild mate’s horse

    let me tell you, I definitely do not ‘intend’ to kill my guild mate’s horse, but oh well what do I know, I just pay to play”
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    This thread is stupid and I'm surprised it hasn't been Rorschach'd yet.
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