New to pvp, got rekt

Doing a spawn today and got raided. got 2 shot by a ninja. what sorts of ninja templates are good for this? pretty sure I got deadly poisoned too.


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    "you should do what Gay does and only go around with a bodyguard to protect you from actual PvPers.

    But just generally if you're doing a spawn alone its bad idea, a pk will just have to hide and wait for you to be low hp and pop out, best to do with a group"
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  • I was not alone, but I understand your point. I am more curious about what a good ninja build is?  
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    Ninja useless in pvp except for a a scout build pvp crybabies had it nerfed into ground
  • its like atl general chat in here. dunno why I bothered
  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,002
    its like atl general chat in here. dunno why I bothered
    Unfortunately you'll find very few pvpers willing to "train" you and the majority of them use scripts at best and more importantly illegal 3rd party clients
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    "you can't talk about much pvp related here, forum mods delete and send warnings, best to speak to pvp guilds in discord and they'll help you out.

    Even though the sub forum is called 'PvP' and this is a forum for ultima online.....
    you're not allowed to talk about ultima online pvp here"
    Posts on this account have been pre filtered from personal comment or opinion in an effort to suppress conservative views in order to protect the reader.
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    Problem with the ninja build is that when you add hiding and stealth there is not that much left for fighting skills.  Most of the ninja fighting moves require you to be in the stealth mode and I found them difficult to execute.  I tried coming up with a good ninja fighter early on and ended up wishing I had learned bushido instead.
    If you were doing pvm, you could search this forum using the word “tiger” and then look for the white tiger form in deceit discussion, and find a pretty good build for that in this forum.  White tiger is one of the ninja mastery options.  But you sort of indicated you were looking for a good pvp build.  There are some other sites that include ninja builds in the template sets they list for UO.  Would recommend just doing some general template searches on the internet.
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    its like atl general chat in here. dunno why I bothered
    There is PvP on other shards that are a lot friendlier than Atl and you could always go to SP and use throw away armor and learn from real Pv{ers.
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    Just quit, this games not a game just a bunch of jerks who think they are good because they script.
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    You should do what Mervyn does and rely on playing a splinter based character with evasion and a zerg that target shares and uses 1 button auto heal lowest guildies... And still die somehow.

    But if you want to get into pvp you'll need to invest into the basic defensive stuff, like getting capped DCI, understanding you're at risk if you're disarmable and get disarmed, and carrying potions. Other than that, just try to be a sponge and absorb as much info as you can and focus on surviving long enough to learn whats going on, then when you die still just keep watching what's going on, develop ideas for what to do next time, and don't create mental blocks over deaths.
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    Grimbeard said:

    the majority of them use scripts at best and more importantly illegal 3rd party clients

    Since discussion on unapproved programs & unofficial clients isn’t allowed on official game forums, theres not much that can be said abt PvP templates here. Most of them rely on automating basics like heals, cures, etc,... & artificially improving the games speed beyond that which ordinary players can achieve.

    Since we have no official word on exactly whats allowed and what isn't combine with the inability or inaction to clearly draw a line in the sand... what we do have is possibly one of the most unbalanced aspects(PvP) in gaming many players have ever seen.

    Seems the motto for balancing PvP in UO is :

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    I think it's the same policy as glacial items  ;)
  • Seems like I hit a hot topic. let me rephrase, can anyone give me a good stealther template that's good for whacking someone 1v1
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    Ninja 120
    Stealth 120
    Hiding 100
    Fencing 120
    Poison 100 
    Resisting spells 120 
    You can poison with shuriken or dagger/kryiss but it will instantly be cured ....
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    My favorite stealther template, one which decimated an entire pvp guild in terra keep, is the hated stealth ninja archer herder. 

    Basics are:

    120 archery
    120 tactics
    100 hiding
    100 herding
    120 ninja
    120 stealth

    Theres left over points for what you feel best for you. I have 40? iirc in focus.

    Stealth doesn’t need to be real skill or 120 but I’d shoot for 120 using items. I actually only have 40 real stealth but 80 modified skill for 120.

    This template has no way to heal other then pots or ninja dog form but the idea is not to get hit. If u do... smoke bomb, wolf form for extra hps & stealth away FasT. Once safe, 15secs in dog form & ur business as usual again.

    I fit on GM spirit speak to follow ghosts to res points & dirt nap them again.

    This template stealth herds swarms of monsters of every kind to drop down spots, dungeon entrances, or any place they never see it coming ie the ramp from lvl 1 to lvl 2 in destard. Then sits in wait to deathstrike, dismount, or mortal (situationally dependent) while spamming poison stars & darts careful to hit your smoke bomb macro when things go ugly on you. Eat orange petals so the stray casting monster wont break your hide/stealth w poison ticks.

    After you spend 30mins or so setting the trap make sure to visit Gen Chat to comment on the -

     ‘solo sampire just hit lvl 4 in __(dungeon name here)__ ‘

    then wait abt 45-90secs for the fun to start.

    Bring a friend or 2, the more the merrier. Make ample use of shadow jump as it keeps you from being revealed by monsters. When eventually folks get mad enuff & log on a tracker/revealer be sure to have GM tracking on a soulstone. Shoot home & switch out herding for tracking then go back for more fun.

    Speeder progs & automated cures/heals don’t matter when 20 dragons target u at once or 15 tera matriarchs/10 dread spiders. Always funny to watch someone speeder thru only to die 7secs later once 12 spells catch up to them 3 screens away. Ahh fun times...

    Mr Minivan (friend) set it up w me but he had to leave b4 folks showed up. Certainly wasn’t 17 stealthers there LOL... just me.

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