Returned recently, need build help/idea help

Hey everyone. I just recently returned to the game. Played off and on from release in 1997, till about 2008. Anyway, to the thing I need help with. I rerolled on Atlantic where the population seems to be, met some nice people and was able to get enough gold to get 4x120 power scrolls for the bard I decided to play (somebody gave me a good deal I think of all 4 for about 1 million gold.) Current skills are:

Music 120/120
Provocation 120/120
Discord 120/120
Peacemaking 120/120
Magery 100/100
Meditation 100/100
Focus 40 (spare points went here, didn't know what else to do with them at the moment)

It's fun in groups, not really great when alone (which I am most of the time.) And then I saw another bard, using the Peacemaking mastery spellsongs (I really enjoy these, even if Peacemaking isn't considered great these days) and controlling a Triton. I couldn't figure out how they did it, so I inspected them and saw they had jewels with +15 magery, taming, and animal lore (along with 16% lower mana cost) each. I would really like to do this myself. Have a strong pet to fight for me, while I buff it with my Peacemaking spellsongs. This is what I came up with so far, and how to do it:

-Keep all 4 legendary bard skills (these are the core of my character and I really don't want to change this)
-Drop magery to 50 (and get 50 more from items. +15 ring, +15 bracelet, and +20 from the event book)
-Drop mediation to 40 (I did some testing and think with this I will still be able to run my peacemaking songs indefinitely with this much and toss out the occasional heal/invisibility)
-Level Taming and Lore to 75 each, then use the jewels (+15 to each along with the magery) and I saw a library reward talisman that adds 5 to each for a total of 110 to each.

Now, here is the question before I try to figure out how to do imbuing (leveling a character that can do it, and figuring out the whole system, then gathering whatever materials needed to make the desired ring/bracelet.) Is 110 taming/lore enough to control fully trained pets like Cu's, Tritions, or other strong pets without them losing happiness and going wild, or do I need to sell a kidney and do some questionable back alley acts to earn the gold to get more 120 scrolls for taming/lore and leveling them all the way up, dropping mediation to 20 (worried about losing so much meditation.)

Oh, and 2nd part to this, are there other items besides the event book, jewelry, and talisman that would add relevant skills (other than the bard skills, I want to keep them at real skill for the bonuses)? Any other slots that I could add some magery, taming, lore, or meditation to either through imbuing or finding the relevant artifacts/gear slot items?

Thanks for any help/advice in advance. While it is fun using the squirrels (1 with grasping claw, 1 with armor pierce) I tamed and trained up, I'd just kind of like to upgrade to some more effective pets to buff with my spellsongs if possible.


  • MerusMerus Posts: 656
    I would get 2 soul stones and stone Peace or Provoke depending on the encounter.  Drop med and get 30 mana regen on your suit.  Add 120 taming and lore with your spare points.  I would still look for the + magery items and some plus Vet items… shoot for 80+magery and 80+ vet, which should require around +40 or more skill points.  The current egg turn in book has +20 magery, so with a couple more legendary jewelry the skill points should be doable.
  • GrimbeardGrimbeard Posts: 2,002
    A disco tamer with an rc beetle is very strong 
  • Acid_RainAcid_Rain Posts: 270
    Didn’t see ur race mentioned but imo there’s very little reason for any tamer not to be a gargoyle. Unless your PvP heavy and want a mount or need to jump on ur pet to save it in combat, the 5 control slots with mounted speed given to gargoyles is to great a bonus to pass up in PvE combat.
  • gaygay Posts: 358
    edited April 2023
    Race boils down to preference. Personally I cannot stand gargoyles or even elves, so 99% of my chrs are human. If you want to be able to play alone efficiently as a bard then there are a few routes, but the main focus will always be having discordance.

    My top suggestions would be:
    • Discord Tamer Mage
    • Discord Warrior
    Tamer Mage:
    Taming    120
    Lore    120
    Vet    120
    Mage    120
    Discord    120
    Music    120

    Discord Tamer Mage is pretty straight forward, you don't need any +skill jewels to make the template work which means you can throw on the caster luck set jewels and run a mage luck suit. As with all tamer builds, your pet does the heavy work, but you'll be able to discord mobs. Just don't accidentally discord your own pet lol. (If you do, you'll need to mount it or drag it away and be away from it for like 20 seconds)

    Wep    120
    Tact    100
    Bush    120
    Parry    80-100
    Music    120
    Discord    120

    Leftover: 40, would suggest trying to find +skill items and getting up to either 80 Resisting spells or 80 Chivalry. Chivalry means you don't have to carry so many weapons around in order to match resistance profiles, resisting spells is a matter of convenience. Make an emphasis on high leech weapons, if you run swords the Archlich bladed staff is pretty nice.

  • RinerRiner Posts: 357
    I use a tamer\bard which has:
    Taming 120
    Lore 120
    Music 120
    Disco 120
    Magery 120
    Peacemaking 120

    I do keep Provocation 120 stoned and Vet 120 stoned.
    Using Jewels to raise Magery, Taming and\or Lore does not cause any problems - without evaluate intelligence you are not going to effectively cast damage spells so will mostly be support, Taming and Lore can also be raised with jewelry - 30 Mana Regen will get you plenty of mana.

  • Acid_RainAcid_Rain Posts: 270
    edited April 2023
    Curious why shoot for 120 magery when it can only be used for support? What spells are u guys casting that isn’t damage related thus requiring evalint which cant fit on the templates?

    79.9/80 magery is required for non-fizzle inviso. I wouldn’t bother going over that. Wall of Stone and Inviso will get you out of most any trouble on bard tamer templates and 80 magery is all thats needed.
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