Books of Lore and Others

Maybe I'm just not finding it but it would be nice to have a consolidated listing of the different books of lore currently in the game. Since I'm asking another listing would be one of all readable books and perhaps where they come from?


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    Agreed on the Books of Lore, these are actually a cool addition that I've sadly not kept on top of.

    Regarding Readable Books - this task may be huge.
    In the old days, there were player libraries, and they had so many books.
    You've got the stealable ones, then the collectable ones from the Untranslated Tomes etc - I think these are probably listed somewhere, then I wonder what else there is - good question though - I did always want to create a library like this.

    Ter Mur Quest Reward Books - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia
    Book - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia

    ​​​​Book Artifacts – Ultima Online (
    and all the Books of Lore from Events.

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    Half of the 1500+ books in the Corwyn Library on Chesapeake are available here to read out of game:

    One day I’ll get the other half submitted… 
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    I kind of expected this to be a rather large collection of items, and for the record I'm not referring to the limitless numbers of player written books. This is just one of those tangents I find myself exploring with no event going on currently. :wink:
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    It will take you a long time to get the Axem books.
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    I have been collecting the lore books since they came out.  I -think- I have them all thus far.

    The Three - original deceit event (purple hued)
    Magics of Wildfire - Fire dungeon event
    Journal of Relvinian - Hythloth event
    The Mycorrhizal Mystery - Destard event
    An Alchemist's Abomination - Yukio event
    The Fallen Paladin - most recent deceit event
    A Jester's Guide to Romance - Valentines 2022 clicky
    UO 25th Anniversary Table Top Book - 2022 anniv. event (gold coloured)
    The Knights Code - EM event - 1 page only

    Return to Grimswind - in progress - EM drop pages on Chesapeake

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    Be wonderful if they'd add the past pages to future events 
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    Grimbeard said:
    Be wonderful if they'd add the past pages to future events 
    I was hoping they would make it possible to get the 25th anniversary book on all shards besides just Origin for that 12 hour period. At least all other non-EM event books were available to all shards for an extended period of time. 

    Mesanna said she would bring them back and allow people who couldn't make the event to get them but that was back in Sept and there has been nothing about it since.
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    @Mariah I wasn't really referring to a transcription of all the books, not that it isn't nice but beyond the scope of what I am looking for. I was really trying to determine which titles were out there, and perhaps, in the case of lore books, how many pages the completed book should have. I was trying to figure out what I was missing and what I might want to search for in the way of Lore Books but figured might as well include information on other in game books well I was at it.

                 I have a pretty good spreadsheet with what I believe is all the Axem titles but as @Pawain mentioned it's a large task to collect not only all the titles but acquiring them in the 3 specials also. I know there is also the Chronicles of the Gargoyle Queen, I have a couple of volumes but need the last.

    Now there are the 3 sets you have linked to and the older link on stratcis2 I have to look into. Still think it would be nice to have one page, with just a list of what's out there and perhaps locations. 

    @Kaz that looks like a pretty complete listing of the current Lore Books, I still need a couple of them, An Alchemist's Abomination (I only have 1 page), The Three, and UO 25th Anniversary Tabletop Book.

    I just learned that there are some EM reward Lore books none of which I have yet. I would add however, Lord Polly's Christmas Carol, A Quest for Oceania, 1 Page - at least that's the copy I found on VS. So not sure if there are more pages or not. 
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    @Riner did you do Heckles quest for those books? Blackthorns castle bar. It is interesting. 
    Focus on what you can do, not what you can't.
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