Spell Channeling Crook

Hello everyone! I'm a returning player but I'm starting from scratch on the Atlantic server (played Napa Valley back in the day). Anyway, I'm playing as a shepherd/mage and even though I have a macro to equip my crook after every spell it would certainly be easier if I had a crook with the Spell Channeling attribute. If anyone ever comes across one, grab it! I'll buy it from you! If I haven't amassed enough wealth to pay you what you want to sell it for, please please just lock it away until I get the gold! I'm grinding hard to make a small fortune. If you frequent Deceit's first level you'll probably see me and my polar bears running around farming scrolls.


  • Just to let you know. You do not have to equip the crook to herd, you can just leave it in your bag and double click it there (making a macro helps a lot).
  • I appreciate the reply :)
    Yeah I know I can use a crook from inside my pack but it's more of an aesthetic thing. I want to hold my crook. Don't have any mace fighting, just wanna look like a herder.
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