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SableSable Posts: 242
Long story short, I went to reactivate an account yesterday to refresh a house and discovered that my email for that account had been hacked and I no longer have access to it.  I contacted customer support and began the process of moving my accounts over to a new email address I created and it mostly worked.  Unfortunately, I was having trouble linking the last account, the one holding the house that needs refreshing.  Now yesterday, I had some good interaction with customer support but all my emails to get this last issue resolved have gone unanwered.  I fear they might have closed my ticket despite me still needing help.  I think I might know what might resolve the issue and emailed the suggestions to them, but like I said I have not heard back.  Can someone look into this for me.  My house is at greatly worn so I don't have much time left.


  • MariahMariah Posts: 3,040Moderator
    email Mesanna with as much detail as you can (excluding password)  mesanna@broadsword.com
  • SableSable Posts: 242
    Yay!  You guys came through and resolved the issue.  I am a very happy camper!
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