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Its been along time since I played this game. I would like to meet and group up with some players and relearn the ropes! Just started a new Character to learn everything again.  Any active guilds around? 


  • NorryNorry Posts: 515
    yes, come to luna, or shout in general chat for a member of LiE. we can help ya get setup and hunt with ya. welcome back to the game
  • DrakelordDrakelord Posts: 1,741
    DO not just play across one shard.  Yes you can have a house on one shard only, (Except for Siege) But do not limit yourself to just one shard.  I have a skilled character on every shard except Mugen (another Siege base shard) that can travel and fight.  If you are on Sonoma in those travels be sure to look up the guild PAS.  Good luck with your return to UO.
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  • bandsawbandsaw Posts: 3
    why is the bank limet being tampered with . what about those that dont have a house to put items in .what about the inscriber that cant hold enough to do there job .i think it is sick a 50 item limet is no good .what about the miner tyhey can not hold enough of everything todo what they must do. Please let me know why you limet items in the bank.
  • bandsawbandsaw Posts: 3
    i dont know when i plaued back in 1998 i had over 5000 ingots in the bank alone with a bunch of other items i had now problem then so why now
  • JepethJepeth Posts: 512
    Endless Journey accounts are limited in what their bankbox can hold. A paid account goes back up to regular bank size. You could also buy a vault token for $3 for one month's extra storage.
  • bandsawbandsaw Posts: 3
    i dont like to cover all the shards i love to stay with one .you can not travel all shads with one char. dont like a bunch of other shards. to enjoy this game.
  • Arnold7Arnold7 Posts: 1,333
    As an incentive to pay the monthly subscription fee, endless journey accounts have very limited safe storage.  Also believe they can’t have vendors either.  Mine had a bank vault for awhile for $3 a month but that fills up pretty quickly.  If you start collecting the good stuff, the limited storage becomes a pain very quickly.
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