EJ ACC questions

Hi guys

I got a EJ char. I ve read this https://uo.com/wiki/ultima-online-wiki/beginning-the-adventure/endless-journey/ so i understood i can use my crystals portals with my new char but instead i got a msg saying 'You are not allowed to access this'. My portals are one inside the house (public) and outside my house and both set 'Anyone'. My char is in my friend list. Any idea abolut what is happening?

Second question: I dont find any info about if i can buy a soulstone from stone and use it with a EJ acc.

Thank u for ur help


  • You cannot click it, you have to Say "Fel Minoc Mint" or Dungeon Abyss" within the area of use on them. 
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    Thanks. I didnt remember that lol :)
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