Greetings Napa! We are coming to visit!

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Greetings Napa Valley! My name is Anne Nomilly and I hail from Catskills. Many years ago we started a weekly hunt group designed to help players explore parts of the game they might not normally be able to attempt if they were not part of a bigger guild. Over time, this weekly hunt has continued as a time of laughs and just sheer fun to get the weekend started. Every week, on Friday nights, we take anyone who wants to join us and head out to gather as many death robes as we can. The hunt is open to all regardless of guild, shard, template, etc. We do peerless encounters, spawns, dungeons, basically anything with a reasonable chance of death robes and a slight chance of reward. 

This year, we've begun taking our group on the road now and then and, this Friday, we will be coming to visit you! You can easily pick us out by our bright purple "choir robes" engraved "Catskills FNH Crew - We're here for the death robes". Most of us are gargoyle throwers with minimal gear and, if we are super lucky, maybe 90ish skill? LOL 

We are going to start our night off with a warm up on Catskills by tossing nets at the New Magincia docks - Friday night style. Meaning, I will throw in 8, 10, 12 nets at once and we'll see how many Scalis we pull up. If you are interested, I'd welcome you to join us, this or any other Friday night. We gather at Yew Gate, Trammel at 8 p.m. Eastern and, always, any keys, nets, skulls or other items needed to access the locations are provided. 

In addition, we have a discord channel, UO Friday Night Hunts & More, and I'm extending an invitation for you to join us there as well. Discord Link:

We look forward to seeing you all Friday night!


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